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  • Date Occurred: 07/20/2013
  • Reported Damages: $1,000.00

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This is my personal experience with SKW Central.

Normally when I have a bad experience with a company/product/service, I honestly don't care enough to write a review. I would just rather move on with my life.

However, my experience with SKW Central has been so extremely poor that I feel like I would be doing society a major disservice by not sharing it.

So my entire experience with SKW Central, or Sean Keegan Walker's Tax Liens & Deeds, starts like this.

I'm attending a free seminar about making money in real estate at a local Holiday Inn. Obviously, we all know that aside from the air we breathe, nothing in life is really free.

But being completely aware of that from the beginning, I am happy to attend the seminar to see what products and services they have to offer. After all, being sold isn't necessarily a bad thing--salespeople keep the world moving forward.

However, you have to make sure that you're buying quality products/services, and not wasting your money. It's fine, though; I'm smart enough. And I feel like I know a good investment when I see one.

Ultimately, I'm not there to throw money down the drain, but I'm certainly open to the idea of paying for value if legitimate value is being provided. That is my mindset.

As expected, the speakers are very talented, and there is clear value in the services they're promoting. Dean Graziosi, a well-known, rags-to-riches, multi-millionaire, real estate investor is the main event, though of course he himself does not attend (he has a team built for these things).

In a nutshell, they talk about all the money they make in real estate, the lifestyles they can afford because of that money, and how you too can make that money by using their special techniques--if you buy their service. All right, fair enough. If I went from zero to millionaire, I'd charge money for my time and knowledge as well.

Having said that, I won't go into Dean Graziosi too much in this article because it's not about him. For the record, I feel like he is legitimate and wish him the best of luck in growing his business and helping people live better lives.

After the real estate investing pitch is over, the tax liens pitch begins. Now I've been to a few other free seminars and thought the products or services being offered were complete crap, but like the real estate course, this tax lien program is also sounding pretty good.

In fact, I saw a lot of value in the tax liens program because of (a) how lucrative it was, and (b) how safe it was--if you do it right. The pitch was good and professional, and since SKW Central was the company being promoted, they were the ones getting the business.

I thought Dean Graziosi's and SKW Central's services were both great, and I purchased each of them. The real estate program was $2000, and the tax liens program was $1000, plus $14.95 a month.

Once again, no complaints about Dean Graziosi--this isn't about him or his company.

A couple months or so later, I realize that I've actually been getting charged $19.95 instead of $14.95 per month. It's just a $10 loss so far, so it's not really a huge deal financially, but I decide to call SKW Central customer service for the principle.

Not to mention, an extra $5 per month can add up, especially when you take into consideration that they like to increase the price without notifying you anyway. For all I know, it could be $25 the next month, $30 six months from then, etc.

Hey, accidents happen, though, right? Business is human, and humans aren't perfect. I'm certainly not perfect myself, so I'm going to give these guys a fair chance. When I reach a representative in customer service, I calmly and politely explain my issue to her, and she tells me that her manager will call me back by the end of the week with a resolution.

I don't think the issue is that complicated to resolve, but I keep those thoughts to myself, because I know how powerless individuals in customer service can be. I'm not saying that customer service never has any power, but many times this is the case (having worked in customer service myself in the past, I know this from experience).

Waiting a week isn't a big deal, and whether it's solved then or now makes no difference--as long as it ultimately gets solved.

Fast forward a week, no call from her manager, or any manager for that matter. Now I'm beginning to get frustrated.

I call back, still calm and respectful. What a coincidence, I get the same representative. Either this is a super-coincidence (this happens very rarely in medium to large-sized businesses), or they have a very small office, with very unorganized (or uncaring) people.

She apologizes that her manager has not gotten back to me, and lets me know that he is on vacation (how convenient). The most unfortunate part is that she or someone else in the office did not have the courtesy to call me and let me know about this--I had to call them and ask why I was essentially lied to.

Either way, holding grudges and harboring negative feelings is not something I enjoy doing, so I let it go. I continue to treat her with dignity and respect, and she assures me that her manager will call me when he gets back from his vacation.

Although I feel like this is ridiculous, I can honestly wait another week or so since I'm only billed monthly anyway. And soon enough this will get resolved and I'll forget about it.

Another week passes. And another. Then a month passes, and no call from anyone, especially not a manager. By now, I feel like calling SKW Central's customer service is a complete waste of time, so I'm obviously not going to call a third time to simply get lied to again.

Such a simple issue, yet no one can handle it. A manager can't even take 5 minutes out of his or her day to call back a customer who has paid the company over $1000.

I'm already feeling nauseated that I'm even affiliated with a company that operates on these principles, and decide to check my SKW Central account to potentially salvage any kind of value that I can before canceling.

Lo and behold, my account has been mysteriously deleted (yeah, can't login, reset password, or recreate account with the unique passcode I purchased), though I am still being charged $20 a month for a service I am apparently not getting. And let's not get started on the $1000 I had to pay up-front to even get access.

So I'm in a situation. When things mess up, especially any subscription (recurring) type service, your first instinct is to call customer service and get things handled. However, SKW Central's customer service is the last group of people I want to speak to by this time, for very obvious reasons.

If they couldn't even fix a tiny billing error, despite calling multiple times, god forbid I ask for help on a more complicated issue.

This is the straw that broke the camel's back, and I call American Express promptly to file a chargeback on this ridiculously terrible, borderline-fraudulent service.

Thankfully, American Express is an excellent company and is very helpful when merchants misrepresent themselves and/or do not follow through on what they say that will provide.

Fast forward a few weeks after that, and I finally get a call from SKW Central. "Interesting," I think to myself.

The representative is just a regular guy in customer service/billing, and asks me if something is wrong with my credit card, because the charge isn't going through (I blocked all future charges from SKW Central when I filed my chargeback).

Wow! The audacity this company has!

After "giving" me the kind of experience I received, and never calling me back for support purposes (despite being told... twice!), they have the audacity to call and ask why they can't charge me next month's $20... wow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm already done with SKW Central by this time, but this incident just blew my mind. Perfect example of a company that just wants the customer's money and does not care about the customer.

Funnily enough, a few weeks after this happened, I actually do get a call from someone that is genuinely interested in my issues. Not that I care at this point, but it was refreshing to see that a company may actually start to give a damn.

However, it turns out that he only called me because he saw my YouTube video on Google Search, and not because customer service finally got their sh-t together or they realized that pretty major errors/glitches existed in their system and they wanted to apologize and make things right. He called to ask what he could do to get me to take down the video. What a surprise. It was then that I was finally offered a refund or help if I needed it.

The thing is: American Express already helped me. The call was just a little late.

If you value your time or money, don't do business with SKW Central.

I want to make it clear: tax liens can be a very lucrative investment--tax liens themselves are not a scam. But invest in tax liens with a company that will actually care about you. Not a company that will overcharge you, lie to you, ignore you, delete your account on "accident," and only call you back when you provide them with negative publicity in return for the headache they've given you.

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  • Derek
  • Derek SBID #d879ad373b
  • Posted 02/24/2014
  • Hi. My name is Derek Webb. I'm the Customer Service Manager at SKW Central Tax Liens & Deeds. I'm genuinely interested in the success and happiness of our students and scour the web regularly looking for success stories and feedback. I was surprised to come across this complaint and would like to address it with the readers.

    I think it's important to let you know we have TONS of happy customers! In just the past month, our students have invested at least $450,000 in tax liens, with an average accruing interest rate of 14%. And because of our relationships with the secondary market, we've been able to acquire these tax liens at a discounted rate (avg 15%), which we then passed to our students. This is a remarkable investment opportunity. It's no wonder our customers are so happy. Here's a sample of what they're saying:

    "Becoming an SKW student has allowed me to learn all about the tax lien and deed purchasing process and has given me a ton of educational tools to help me find good certificates within my price range. I invested $1,600 into 7 tax liens from several states at an average of 16% interest on each lien." - Susan Jensen, Ballston Spa, NY

    "The program pulled everything together. It clarified a lot of things and tied a lot of loose ends that couldn't be tied elsewhere. Going forward it will be nice to have a reference point that I can trust. I put my money into 8 tax liens in both Maricopa county and Mahoning county at an average of 16% interest." - Jim LeQuin, Dublin, CA

    As with any business, it's difficult to please everyone, even though we try anyway. As a company, we work tirelessly to keep everyone happy and are very proud of our satisfaction ratings. We've been in business for a while now and I only know of 2 complaints - one was a simple misunderstanding that has since been resolved; the other (above) posted this complaint after asking for a refund plus $500 more than what he paid for the program.

    Plain and simple, we did not take care of this customer as we should have - it's inexcusable. We have since corrected the problem and have put processes in place to prevent anyone else from ever having the same experience. We have since contacted this customer to see if there was anything we could do to help him feel better about everything. We offered this customer a full refund, 6 months access to our website and training program for free, personal one on one help. Unfortunately, to no avail, he is set on speaking poorly about the company and his experience.

    This is disappointing to me as the Customer Service Manager. As I mentioned previously, I am genuinely interested in the success and happiness of our customers and am completely dedicated to ensuring each customer has a phenomenal experience with me and my staff, and the product. If there are any readers who would like to speak with me or my team, our direct line is (877) 484-8012. I promise to do everything possible to ensure you have an amazing experience with our products and services.

    Derek Webb
    Customer Service Manager
    SKW Central
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  • Objective_Consumer
  • Objective_Consumer SBID #8c5d20c0f4
  • Posted 02/24/2014
  • Part One:

    I am the filer of this complaint, and I am responding to the comment above.

    To begin, regarding the testimonials, I'd like to point out that even Bernie Madoff had happy customers. The people that got out early enough actually did get paid, and make significant returns. Even a poorly run business needs to have some happy clientele in order to remain in business.

    I want to make it clear: I am not comparing SKW Central to Madoff in the sense that they will take your money and run (like they almost did to me). They will just treat you poorly and hopefully not delete your account on accident.

    As with any business, though, it is difficult to please everyone. I completely agree. However, that's a poor excuse for completely ignoring a customer's needs. I was not a problem-case customer. I was an easy-going, polite customer, with very simple needs. (Refer back to review.)

    Although I find the claim that SKW Central has only had two complaints hard to believe (especially considering that this thread also exists:, the general public will have to take your word for that since there is no proof on either side available. Considering my review, however, it will be smart to take that statement with a grain of salt.

    Regarding my refund, it is true that I asked for an additional $500 in compensation for the headache I was given, my valuable time that SKW Central has generously wasted, and the stress that this unnecessary matter has caused me. I guess compensating people for these issues is a foreign concept to SKW Central, but the U.S. Court System has been doing this for centuries. I felt and still feel like it was a fair offer, as $500 is not a lot of compensation but enough to consider this messy situation resolved.
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  • Objective_Consumer
  • Objective_Consumer SBID #8c5d20c0f4
  • Posted 02/24/2014
  • Part Two:

    Plain and simple, SKW Central admittedly treated me very poorly. Also, admittedly, there is no excuse for this.

    So tell me, then, as the manager of customer service: why are you still employed? For a customer to have dealt with such negligence under your supervision, and here you are admitting that you have no excuse for this, is unacceptable. Either Dean Graziosi needs to terminate SKW Central as a partnership, or SKW Central needs to terminate you for your incompetence and/or indifference.

    Derek, you are probably a good person, but professionally, you made an extremely careless mistake. If you worked for my business, your employment would be terminated.

    Now, SKW Central (Derek, to be exact) did contact me later on. This was also mentioned at the end of my review.

    However, I wasn't contacted for the reason he would like you to believe. I was contacted not because of all the problems I've had, but because he saw a YouTube video on Google Search titled "SKW Central Scam" that displayed my account being mysteriously deleted. The reason he called was to ask me what he could do for me to take it down. In fact, he only found out about my problems when I told him about them over the phone, to which I received some generic customer service "BS" (for lack of a better term) and an offer for a refund.

    I speak bluntly about customer service because having worked in it for a two years myself (and one year as a manager), I know it when I hear it.

    So now I am being offered a refund. That's great, but I've already filed a chargeback with American Express by this time, so technically, I have already gotten my refund. Was SKW Central going to double my refund? I doubt it. So the offer was useless, late, redundant, and only existed because I had a high-powered-SEO YouTube video with their name and the word "scam" attached to it. Ultimately, I did not need a refund because I already got a refund. (Thanks again, American Express.)
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  • Objective_Consumer
  • Objective_Consumer SBID #8c5d20c0f4
  • Posted 02/24/2014
  • Part Three:

    Regarding the 6 months of free access to the website: why would I want 6 more months of poor (or potentially nonexistant) service? Seriously?

    Regarding peronalized training: watching the videos already in existence on the website does not qualify as personalized training. SKW Central should really stop calling it that.

    And last but not least, my mission is not to speak poorly about anyone's company or trash anyone's brand. As stated in my review, I rarely post reviews about anything online--especially negative experiences. Unfortunately for us both, my experience with SKW Central has just been so extremely poor that I had no choice but to warn other potential consumers to not throw their hard-earned money down this black hole.

    Even so, my mission is not to damage SKW Central, but let the world know the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. If I can prevent other people from wasting money on this "premium" service, I have made the world a better place.

    This is also disappointing to me, as a consumer, but this is life.
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  • Objective_Consumer
  • Objective_Consumer SBID #53a0273891
  • Posted 07/04/2014
  • My previous post regarding SKW Central was incorrect at the time it was posted. After working with SKW Central to resolve my concerns, I have determined that this entire scenario was a misunderstanding. Prior to my posting the comment, SKW Central had taken the necessary steps to correct any unintentional issues that I may have had with its customer service department. This company takes care of its customers.
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  • k
  • k SBID #7c93dedceb
  • Posted 06/22/2013
  • Notice how the above SBID # is different from the other SBID numbers. I bet the above post is from SKW Central itself. I say this because I know the capacity of its owner Sean K. Walker.
    Sean Walker helped Darren Eady manager of Insiders Cash also affiliated with Deans Real Estate Program. In attempting to take my families money and home.
    We are in Federal Court over the matter and unfortunately couldn't keep Sean Walker in the lawsuit even though several of the phone calls between my mom and Sean Walker were made prior to the loan agreement that essentially would have taken our houses and every cent we had if it wasn't for the lawsuit we are in.
    I give you a word of advice. Don't trust Deans program. Don't trust the extentions of his programs.
    You can see our case in the under Darren Eady Hard money loan. The same Darren Eady that manages the Insiders Cash. This was back in 2008 way before Insiders Cash was even thought of.
    I was just reviewing Sean Walker to see if there was any dirt on him to bring him back into our lawsuit that is set for June 24th. A couple days from now.
    Make sure you read his disclaimer on the bottom of his website ( It basically states that his courses will not give you the tools you need to make these Tax Lien transactions and that you should do more research because what he offers isn't enough to protect you from any legal trouble you will most likely face doing these transactions. What is the point of paying him all that money if he doesn't even provide you the full set of tools to properly perform Tax Liens?
    As he states in his disclaimer. Do your due diligence.
    Thanks for reading.
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