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  • Date Occurred: 07/07/2013
  • Reported Damages: $1,769.60
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I have an ongoing dispute with Great Sports Inc.-Safer Wholesale Inc. located at 2108 McDonough St., Joliet Il. 60436. ph# 708-669-1237 (hereafter referred to as "GSI") concerning the "manufacturers statement of origin" (MSO documents) which I need in order to legally register 2 scooters I purchased from GSI on April 15, 2011.

I ordered 2 scooters from GSI on 4-15-11. A sum of $1769.60 was paid in full to GSI via my bank debit card on 4-17-11. I received 2 scooters on 4-27-11. 10 full weeks have passed and I am still awaiting delivery of the MSO documents and therefore cannot register my scooters for legal road use.
Charles, the salesman at GSI who took my order stated that the MSO's were IN THE COMPANY'S POSSESSION and could be delivered to me 2 to 3 days after the scooters were delivered.

When I received my scooters on 4-27-11, I immediately emailed GSI and requested the MSO's. I included my CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS and the VIN numbers of both vehicles. 3 weeks after this I emailed them AGAIN and re-requested my MSO's. A week after that I emailed them YET AGAIN and demanded a call from a company rep. I received a call from GSI and was PROMISED that my MSO's would be OVERNIGHTED directly to my residence. I never received my MSO's. I learned that the MSO's were mailed to my OLD address which I repeatedly told GSI that they SHOULD NOT USE and I informed them AD-NAUSIUM of my NEW ADDRESS which happens to be the same address which the scooters were delivered to.

I have sent NINETEEN EMAILS to GSI and I had approximately 6 phone conversations with various GSI reps concerning this matter. I became completely disenchanted with this matter a month ago and decided to return the scooters and demand a full refund of the purchase price. During a phone conversation with one of GSI's reps, I was told that I would have to pay for return shipping (in excess of $400) plus a 30% restocking fee. I refuse to be penalized for GSI's misconduct. I then visited my bank and explained this issue to them and they are now conducting a charge reversal against GSI. As per my bank, the documentation concerning this dispute was received by GSI on 6-30-2011.

Yesterday on 7-5-11 a rep from GSI called me and asked me for my banking info plus an additional $1500. The GSI rep said: "We are doing everything we can to satisfy you, you have 2 of our scooters, now we need $1500.00 from you... this is the least you can do considering all that we are doing to make this right". I replied "This is now in my banks hands" and invited GSI to refund my $1769.60 and send a truck and take their scooters back. I then terminated the call.

The language which this rep from GSI used implied that GSI had already refunded the full purchase price to my bank. I had not received any word from my bank prior to the call I received from GSI on 7-5-11, so I immediately contacted my bank to ascertain what had actually transpired between GSI and my bank. This is when I learned that the charge reversal which my bank is conducting against GSI had only become "official" 5 days prior to the call I received from GSI requesting an additional $1500. I was also informed that GSI had 45 days to respond to the charge reversal dispute, which they had not yet done.

According to my bank, GSI acted in an "unethical and fraudulent" manner by asking me for my banking info and more $ (in addition to the $1769.60 which is still in their possession) while this dispute is currently taking place between my bank and GSI-Safer Wholesale. GSI made a blatant attempt to deceive me into paying them an additional $1500 on top of the $1769.60 which they still have in their possession.

According to my bank, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should GSI-Safer Wholesale attempt to contact me while this dispute is officially pending.

Now that I got my bank involved, GSI is backpedaling furiously to get me to rescind the charge reversal which my bank is conducting against them. Our MSO documents were finally delivered on 7-06-2011. To our chagrin, the Manufacturers Statement of Origin certificates for both scooters shows that both scooters were manufactured on FEBRUARY 20, 2010.

From the very beginning of this purchase transaction on 4-15-2011 we were made to believe that we were purchasing CURRENT YEAR MODEL, 2011 scooters. During the phone order on 4-15-11, I specifically asked the salesman (Charles, "Chuck") at GSI if these scooters were brand new CURRENT YEAR MODELS, and he stated emphatically that "We do NOT sell last years models of any of the motorized products on our website... all models are up to date, CURRENT year, brand NEW models".

Upon noticing the date of manufacture on the MSO's which I had just received on 7-6-2011, I immediately made an anonymous call to GSI and asked a sales rep if the scooters they sell are last years models. The rep stated emphatically that all products sold by GSI are current year, 2011 models and that the company does NOT distribute left over stock from the prior year. I was lead to believe that I was purchasing 2011 year model scooters and received 2010 year model scooters. Another deception by GSI.

I then decided to make a careful review of all the documentation associated with this purchase, I then noticed that I was charged an additional $40 per item "Lift Gate Fee" (also referred to as "Residential Delivery Charge") which was added to the delivery charges by GSI, but this additional charge was WAIVED by Roadrunner Transport Services who delivered the scooters. This waived charge is clearly reflected on the delivery ticket which was given to me by the delivery driver on the day the scooters were delivered.
GSI simply pocketed the $80 in additional delivery fees which they charged to me under a false pretense that the shipping company would add the additional $80 fee to our delivery charges.

Not only did GSI levy false delivery charges against us, but they also misrepresented the shippers business practices.

Today (7-7-2011) we received another call from a GSI representative named Matt (GSI customer service, waranty parts dept.) Matt said that he noticed an email we sent to GSI which makes reference to a warranty part which arrived to me damaged after it had been delivered to the wrong address. He asked if the replacement part arrived in satisfactory condition and if it is working. I said I had not yet installed the part due to time constraints. Matt then asked if the MSO documents arrived. I replied "yes" Matt then offered to re-instate the 30 day warranty from the date the MSO's were delivered. Matt then said that he "noticed a charge reversal dispute in their records" and asked if there was anything he could do to settle this dispute. I mentioned again that they could retrieve their scooters and make a full refund of the purchase amount and I added: "This is now between my bank and your company". I then terminated the call

I am well beyond the point of accepting any attempts from this company to retrocede their inept and unscrupulous business practices.
I remain firm on my desire to rid myself of all concerns involving this transaction other than receiving a full reimbursement of $1769.60. This transaction has been a continuous process of deliberate deception, misinformation, senseless delays and incompetence. Their repeated vain attempts to appease me are only reinforcing my conviction to end all transactions and communication with this company.

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  • John
  • John SBID #N/A
  • Posted 07/13/2013
  • GSI / claims on their website to be

    "The Safer Way To Do Business" and yet maintains a

    policy that once an online order is submitted, it

    CANNOT BE CANCELLED unless the customer pays a

    restocking fee of 30% of the total price of the order...

    While the company FAILS TO DISCLOSE THE ACTUAL



    In addition to this the company collects shipping charges

    which often do NOT apply to their customers while they

    have it written into their terms and conditions that once

    these charges are collected, they are non refundable.

    This is hardly "The Safer Way To Do Business"

    In addition to the long list of unscrupulous and

    deceptive practices which Great Sports Inc. / commits against their customers,

    when you order a 50cc gasoline powered, street legal

    scooter through their website the ONLY visible shipping

    charge throughout the entire ordering process is a $40

    "residential delivery" fee which is only shown on the

    "options" page once you have chosen the scooter model

    you want. This "$40 residential delivery" fee is a


    Once you choose your options and click the "add to cart"

    button you are brought to a page where you select the

    quantity of each item you wish to purchase. There is NO

    shipping information here.
    Then you are prompted to "proceed to checkout" where

    you then create a "personal account" (as a first time

    customer). On the next page there are 4 steps:

    Step 1- you enter your "billing information" ie: name,

    address etc. .

    Step 2- enter shipping information. Here you specify

    whether the item is to be shipped to your "billing

    address" or a "different address" (still no mention of

    shipping fees).

    Step 3- "choose your shipping method" Here you are

    given only 2 choices which make NO SENSE

    whatsoever... one choice is called "shipping selected!"

    and the other choice is called "online delivery/no

    shipping" (again, no mention of shipping fees). To the

    right of the shipping method options there is a "subtotal"

    which shows the total cost of the ITEMS you wish to

    purchase, and under that there is a"shipping and

    handling" line item which shows "$0.00" regardless of

    which shipping method you choose.

    Step 4- "Payment Information" here you select your

    payment method from a drop down menu then you click

    the "PLACE ORDER" button.
    At this point you enter your credit card information.

    NOWHERE throughout these steps is there ANY

    MENTION OF SHIPPING FEES except for the $40

    "residential" fee shown on the "choose your options"

    page BEFORE you click the "add to cart" button.




    entire ordering process, other than the "$40 residential

    delivery" fee.
    After you have officially submitted your online order to

    GSI /, you are contacted by a

    company representative by phone and THEN you are

    advised of an additional shipping fee which is MUCH

    GREATER than the $40 fee you are lead to believe that

    you will be paying when you placed your online order.

    This is when the company salesman tells you that the

    $40 fee is actually a "lift gate" fee which the shipping

    company charges for lowering the scooters from the deck

    of the delivery truck to the ground on a hydraulic lift

    gate, HOWEVER... in the "terms and conditions" it is

    stated that a "residential delivery" is a charge for a

    "standard truck delivery" which DOES NOT require a

    "lift gate" to lower the unit from the truck to the ground.

    It further states that a $75 per unit fee will be charged in

    a case where a "lift gate" IS required in order to deliver

    the product. The information given by the sales staff

    differs greatly from the information written into the

    "terms and conditions" and many other places on their

    websites. This is nothing other than DECEPTIVE, unfair

    and unscrupulous business practice against customers

    who are lead to believe that they are dealing with a

    company that claims to be "The Safer Way To Do


    I was charged the $40 residential delivery fee IN

    ADDITION to a $165 shipping charge PER UNIT

    (scooter) for a TOTAL ACTUAL delivery charge of $410

    which was NOT DISCLOSED to me until AFTER I placed

    my order online... at which point the company does NOT


    "restocking fee" is paid to them. This applies to orders

    which are cancelled BEFORE THE PRODUCT IS EVEN

    SHIPPED out of the warehouse.

    I WAS SHOCKED when the charge of $1479.80 which

    was the total for two scooters during the "online

    checkout process" had magically climbed to $1769.90

    according to the company salesman who was now calling

    to confirm my order. I was advised by this salesman at

    this time that I could NOT CANCEL my order unless I

    paid a 30% "restocking fee". GSI /

    maintains a policy that once an online order is

    submitted, it cannot be cancelled unless the customer

    pays a restocking fee of 30% of the total price of the

    order... While the company FAILS TO DISCLOSE THE



    I have read through their "terms and conditions"

    thoroughly. As of the time of this writing (7-14-2011)

    there is nothing written into their "terms and conditions"

    statement which mentions any additional freight charges

    within the continental United States other than the $40

    "residential delivery" fee and the optional $75
    "lift gate" fee.


    IN to a purchase which I could NOT CANCEL. ONLY

    THEN was I advised of an additional delivery fee of $165

    per scooter. At this point, whether I proceeded with this

    order, or cancelled, GSI / INSURED

    THEMSELVES that they would collect either $330.00 in

    DELIBERATELY HIDDEN freight charges OR a

    $440.00 restocking fee from me. This is DECEPTIVE

    and UNFAIR business practice.

    There is NO SHIPPING CALCULATOR provided

    anywhere throughout the ordering process, nor is it

    written or implied that additional shipping charges will

    be attached to the order BEFORE it is "submitted" (at

    which point a 30% restocking fee is charged for

    cancelling the order).

    In addition to this, it is clearly written on the shipping

    manifest which I received when the scooters were

    delivered to me, that Roadrunner Transportation

    Services WAIVED THE $80 ($40 X 2) RESIDENTIAL

    However, GSI / failed to refund the

    $80 back to me.
    I was charged in advance for additional "residential

    delivery" fees which were then waived and never

    refunded back to me. GSI / simply

    pocketed the money. GSI / saferwholesale claims to be

    "The SAFER way to do business" yet this company

    collects a "non refundable" residential delivery fee

    knowing full well that in many cases, this fee will NOT

    APPLY to it's customers. This practice is UNFAIR AND

    DECEPTIVE and is in NO WAY a "Safer way to do


    In addition to all this, this company "provides" a

    practically USELESS 30 day warranty on many vehicles

    which are meant to be driven on the open road which

    they know that their customers will not be able to benefit

    from because in most cases, it takes 3 weeks to a month

    OR LONGER to receive the necessary documents in

    order to register said vehicles for legal use Then when

    when customers need to take advantage of their

    warranties, this company attempts to collect their

    customers banking information and recieve payment for

    parts which are still covered under warantee. How is this

    a "Safer Way to do Business"?
    I refuse to be treated like this and I have the will and the

    strength to take my case against this company as far as

    the law will allow.
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  • John
  • John SBID #N/A
  • Posted 07/13/2013
  • I didn't mention that the last revision to GSI / saferwholesale's "terms and conditions" statement was made in January, 2011.
    I have every reason to believe that they will manage to quickly write in some kind of clause to protect themselves from being held liable for failing to disclose the surprise freight charges which I and many others have fallen victim to now that I am making this fact public.
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