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My name is Carole Cook, I'm married and live with my husband of 45 yrs.also with my 88 yr. old father and my two special mentally challenged adopted daugthers here in Palm Coast Florida. Because I have Multiple Scerolsis I don't sleep well at night so I play games on the computer to keep me busy. In October of 2011 I met this man who said he was a professional poker player. He gave me his e-mail address and his cell phone number. After talking with him about poker and other pro poker players he then said when he plays in tournaments the money he wins 50% goes to his kids club. This man goes by the title Pokers Mr Pro Player AKA Wade Weaver. He's on the internet and was parcial partners with Zen Entertainment until he had an arguement with them. When he told me about his Kids Club and how he gives gift boxes at Christmas and Easter to all the kids that are sign up to be members. All free of charge. When Wade found out I had 2 adopted mentally challenged girls he sent me 2 applications for my girls to join the Club. Mean time he was having trouble with his bus and the other Pro Poker Players that use to ride together. He use to talk about Johnny Chan the Pro Poker Player who won the LosVegas Tournament 3 times. He would mention other Pro's and how they traveled all over the United States to play Professional Poker. When they went to the casino's he would sell his products with his name on them. They could be coffee cups, pens, pencils and even underware. When they were in Vegas in February of 2012 a new member of the Agency who they hired to work in the office but ended up in Vegas selling the products. The main lady who was in charge of selling the products was also Wades secretary from the W. Virginia office, Leslie Parker. It turned out to be that the new girl they had hired was a mentally challenged adult. Her so called name was Leanne Welsh from Texas. It seems she was raised by her Aunt and Uncle and was kepted locked up and phyically abused by them. Leslie Parker felt sorry for her and when they got back to W. Virginia took her to the doctors and had her checked out. Then Leslie took her to a Lawyer and applied for custody to help her out. Mentally she was about 7 yrs. old so the Doctor had said. Talking to Wade everyday, my husband also they just got real close to us. Wade decided with his so called best friend Johnny Chan that they were going to start a new TV Poker Show. It was going to be on once a week on a Friday. They were having 4 Poker Pro's and Non Poker Pro's to play. Everyone who was to play had to pay $179.00 each to help pay for the permits. The first game was to be played at the Kennel Club in Daytona Beach, Fl. in July of 2012. I was going to play 2 times and my husband once for a total of $537.00, it was around my birthday so it was a present from my husband. Well July came and went an no TV Show. It seems Wade had a so call heart attack and was out of commission a couple of weeks. Meanwhile Leslie an Leanne stayed at the hospital the whole time he was in the hospital and kept him company. Meanwhile e-mails had been telling everyone what was going on and I have saved all of my e-mails pertaining to Wade Weaver. He started a fan club and of couse you had to give $19.50 a month to belog to it. He had hooked up with Zen entertainment to play poker on the sight. Well Leanne's birthday was coming up and they were going to have a huge party for her. My girls had made friends with Leanne writing cards back and forth and wanted to send her a gift. I have a doll collection with their boxes. I picked a cute one out and mailed it to her. Leslie's birthday was a few days later so she got braclet from us which was gold and spelled GOD all around. The e-mails I received from Leslie everyday just about told of Leanne constantly. Now Leslie asked If I would be The Kids Club Director. This way the Director could handle how the kids would get their gifts. I excepted for a short time. Little by little the e-mails started looking alke but I told my husband something is fishy. By now Leslie is pregnant with Wade's child and planning a huge wedding after she gets her divorce. Christmas comes along and The Kids Club Christmas boxes hadn't gotton mailed properly. I told Wade my girls keep asking when are they coming. Wade puts it onto Leslie that it was her job. Mean while that's what his whole life was working for the kids. Now Leslie and Leanne were going on the road to meet up with a few TV Networks to sell their products on the air. Johnny Chan was to have put up 1 million dollars for sports products from all the different teams. The Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey Leagues Logo's on them. This was all being sold also on his website and a perventage was to go to the so called Kids Club. Christmas was getting close and my girls wanted to send Leanne Christmas presents so I dug another collectable doll out plus I had an old musical doll that you wind up and it plays music as it turns around. They said Leanne loves the color Green an she hated pink. I happened to have a Green stone pendant necklace so we sent that to. Now Leslie was surpose to have a 5 yr old son, Lucas so I got him a Batman computer game and had that mailed to their W. Virginia office. Now weeks later Wade did nothing but complain about the guys working on his computer site. My son had introduced him to these computer experts that made him his website for a percentage of products being sold. My husband an I had given Wade $50.00 each towards the permits for the TV Show again that they needed. In return we can buy any of the sports products and they would subtract it from any balance we may have. That sounded good so I ordered a NY Yankee Sports Clock for $12.00. Because I was a so called Director I got a discount. I still havn't gotten the clock and my girls havn't gotten their Christmas gifts but they all got theirs including Leslie an Wade and Wade's best friend and partner Jonny Chan. I'm sure Mr. Johnny Chan doesen't know anything about what this guy has been saying about him. I have saved all my e-mails from Wade Weaver, Leslie Parker and everyone else that has sent one from their so called office. Leslie was coming to visit us when she was on the road for the TV shows but was called back home because a man called and said he was coming to inspect thevoffice and check the books also. That sounded suspicous so she went back home. Well this so called guy who used to run Wade's Alabama Office Jerry Kirkland came and was confronted by Leslie. To make it short he so called slapped Leslie and she fell over the desk and when Leanne saw that she went after him and he picked her up an through her over the desk onto Leslie and left. Wade said they pressed charges against him, Leanne got 9 stiches above her eye and Leslie lost the baby. It took a couple of weeks but they so call found Jerry and arrested him an he's surpose to be in Dunbar, W. Virginia jail. This was all told to me by Wade. Again he started complaining about the computer guys so my husband got tired of hearing how Wade and Johnny Chan were going to go to New York and tell those guys something. By this time I had gotten the Flu and one of my girls did too. I was tired of hearing all this garbage so I told Wade we wanted our money back that we put up to play poker on TV. Wade said impossible because that money was used to pay the TV Crew or something like that. My husband got on the phone and cursed the heck out of him and said he wanted his money back. I have not spoken to him since but he has called our police department and told them to tell us not to call him or e-mail him. Mean while he called a friend of mine up to tell me he was sending me the clock. I still haven't gotten the clock. Plus money was taken out of my checking account from a lady in North Carolina to buy tickets to the Charllots Bobcats Basketball game. Now Wades telephone when he calls it says NC by his name. The last two e-mails that I got were surpose to be Leslie at around 3:15am aqn right after that one from Wade and both spelled my daugthers name the same way Mendy. Her name is Mindy and only Wade spelt her name that way. So where is Leslie and Leanne. No one up in Dunbar seem to know them. Did he do something to them? Did they ever exsist? Did he use me because I'm handicap and a senior citizen. He's been threatening me but that doesn't stop me from getting in touch with people who take care of phonies. Thank you for listening to me hope my spelling is ok. I did save all the e-mails on my computer plus all the messages he left on my phone. Thank you, Carole Cook

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  • Kevin
  • Kevin SBID #03c7eb3998
  • Posted 06/21/2013
  • completed. Wade was call us all hours of the night pushing to get things done.

    We made arrangements to go down to WV. We were going to shot pictures of his merchandise to place in the store. It would be 50 products of the 500 products he carried. Me and me web designer worked all day on a Friday. We then with 2 other drivers rode 10 hours straight to Dunbar West Virginia. We got a couple of hotel rooms and slept for about 2 hours. Wade meet up with us in the afternoon. He originally that the hotel was going to let us use the hotel dining room on the off hours to take pictures of the merchandise. The hotel told us that they never told him that. Next thing you know we are up in one of the rooms taking pictures of the merchandise. He breaks out a small box. In there was a variety of crap that he was selling. pencils, pens, small rubber balls, frisbees, all with his name on it. We finish up. We go back to his trailer. That was a site. He sees that I am kinda of rolling my eyes back, thinking what the hell is this. When we get outside, he tells me the reason that he lives there is because he was doing a man a favor. The man lived 4 hours from there. he could not check on his sister. He asked Wade to stay with her until she dies. When she dies, Wade would receive the trailer for the favor. I was like, ok. I bit strange, but ok. We went to dinner after that. I paid. I pawned some CDs on me to burn his music on to sell. This was not part of the scope. I took the cds and said I will see if I can get to them. We drove right back to NY, another 10 hours. I spoke with Rob. I told him this guy is not what he seems. I asked Rob again, are you sure your father spoke with Johnny Chan. He said yes.

    We proceeded to finish the work. We completed the store with harassment all they way, about the cds and other things. The website had to be complete by December. They were going to air FOX that month. The store had to be complete. I lost the one web designer for a couple of weeks. We
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