Suzanne Richardson
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  • Date Occurred: 07/12/2014
  • Reported Damages: $10,000.00
  • Username: Zsuzsanna Varga,Mukimoki,Zsuzsanna Pudel
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: 706 S Normandie ave Los Angeles, Koreatown , CA 90005
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    • Suzanne Richardson Complaint / User Submitted Image #169472
    • Suzanne Richardson Complaint / User Submitted Image #169472
    • Suzanne Richardson Complaint / User Submitted Image #169472

Suzanne Richardson Zsuzsanna Varga Los Angeles California Koreatown Scammer

GOOGLE SEARCH : Zsuzsanna Varga scammer , Mukimoki , Desideria , You will see all her scam reports, and also her cam sex sites.

Romanian address: 15/2 pitesti str Cluj-Napoca, 400119 Romania
USA address: 706 S Normandie ave Los Angeles, CA 90005
Birth Date : 8-22-1983
Age : 29 Height 5'5" Weight approx 110 - 125 lbs. Auburn (red) hair, blue eyes, pale complextion , body freckles.

Recenty married to a Black male, Andre Richardson, between the ages of 30-40. This may be a sham marriage to get residence for this scammer. Immigrations, and the FBI, along with many other law enforcement agencies have been informed


I've been in contact with this scammer Zsuzsanna Varga, since Oct of 2006.I met her on yahoo chat. She worked on nicknames were Desideria, and Mukimoki. Facebook Id is Zsuzsanna Pudel.Yahoo ID's:

Sticky_sugar78 , Evil_formicid_ant , Punkee_is_anna , Anna_acid_ant She was a cam sex girl. Although she was, we only chatted online. Through the years she wanted to come to the US, and we tried the work travel program, but she was
denied a visa at the Bucharest embassy each time. We lost contact around the end of 2010 until she contacted me on June 27 2011, through Facebook. She Told me that someone had reported her to the police In Cluj Napoca Romania, where she is from.T hey called her in to the police station and questioned her about the money I had sent to her through Western Union, Approx 3,500.00 and also her job as a cam sex girl. They said they would be watching her, and for her to stay away from the kids. She subsequently lost her day job as a kindergarten teacher, and didn't return to the cam sex job.

She asked for my help and said she needed 500.00 a month to make her bills. At first I didn't agree but after I did agree
to help her.She did get another job as a kindergarten teacher, and held that till the end of school season.We chatted on Yahoo messenger almost every day until she was able to come here, the entire year. She claimed she was first
going to visit her relatives in Albuquerque NM for a week or so , then she would spend 3 weeks with me here in Florida. I flew her here to Florida From NM.

Almost immediately she acted very cold towards me, unlike the way she was online. She complained about everything, and how home sick she was. If I tried to touch her, she would pull away. I knew something was up, or she was just so
homesick, she really wanted to go home. We decided that she was to leave early to go to California, and stay one day with her relatives then she would fly home to Romania. Several days went by, and I didn't hear from her. She finally answered me in this Chat log :

sticky_sugar78: olaaaa
sticky_sugar78: i made it home :)
sticky_sugar78: how did the demasculation go to lil Boooee?
sticky_sugar78: booobeee
sticky_sugar78: i did have a greate time there. i think back to them with loootsa love, and i told everyone how u are
sooooo different in real as online. im talking about yer personality, yer way nicer and easygoing than u gave the immpression online

sticky_sugar78: it was a good experience
sticky_sugar78: how is back at work? i imagine u couldnt wait to work again hahhhaha...and how was yer brothers bday?
sticky_sugar78: did u drink lotsa beer

After this, I discovered that she blocked me on her Facebook page.I think I was just a stepping stone for her, and she planned to stay in California with someone else she was in contact with. I looked at her Instagram page: and saw she was posting photos of California. Also, I saw a picture of a black fella in one of her photos, holding a dog, and another picture of her sleeping in a bed with that same dog. I have a very strong reason to believe that she is living with him now, as her postings are as recent as 8-19-2012, and she was to leave for Romania at the end of July. Also she said she was offered a permanent job at the school in Cluj Napoca Romania at the start of school season, but that has long past. I believe she plans to overstay her visa, and try to blend in as an illegal until she somehow gets a green card. I'm going to contact INS to make them aware of the situiation.If you Google search her name, Zsuzsanna Varga scammer, and Mukimoki the net is full of info on her, and I plan to put much more on her.

AUTHOR: Fishingeca - Beverly Hills (United States of America) SUBMITTED: Thursday, September 20, 2012

I recieved this from the Romanian police.I assume they are saying that she has been married, and is seeking American residence.But what is odd is the date 7-12-2012, at that time she was at my home.So I knew all along that she waslieing about the reason she came here, and maintaining that she came here to see me. The real reason was to go to Los Angeles to marry someone.She was using me all this time!

The following is the YH chat before she left to come to the US.I questioned her reason for comming here. She lies saying she is comming here for me , and this is the farthest from the truth! I have hundreds of chat logs saved since june of 2011 when she asks me for money.

8:21:48 AM
sticky_sugar78: Hi! tonite is the last time we can talk bfor i leave, i hope you will be on. i really dont wanna leave it liek this. but also i dont wanna go at all if its gonna be this way

8:22:26 AM
sticky_sugar78: i am going there for u, i can only stay for one week at cousins and aunty, so i dont see any purpos in it if you act like this

8:22:34 AM
sticky_sugar78: so let me know

She claims to be home back in Romania, but shes been living with a man in Koreatown Los Angeles since she left my home on 7-12-2012. Unbelieveable how this woman can spew lies!

IM Jul 23, 2012 4:04:20 PM
4:00:44 PM
sticky_sugar78: olaaaa 4:00:58 PM
sticky_sugar78: i made it home
4:01:40 PM
sticky_sugar78: how did the demasculation go to lil Boooee? (A kitten I got for her)
4:01:52 PM sticky_sugar78: booobeee
4:03:20 PM
sticky_sugar78: i did have a greate time there. i think back to them with loootsa love, and i told everyone how u are sooooo different in real as online. im talking about yer personality, yer way nicer and easygoing than u gave the immpression online
4:03:34 PM sticky_sugar78: it was a good experience
4:04:12 PM sticky_sugar78: how is back at work? i imagine u couldnt wait to work again hahhhaha...and how was yer brothers bday?
4:04:20 PM sticky_sugar78: did u drink lotsa beer?

Here is her response after I confronted her about this, and after I posted her on scammer sites Incredible! how she lies , and how convincing she sounds, but now she has been in LA for about 6 weeks,with no intention of going back to Romania, and possibly married at this time! Again she maintains she came to America to see me.Remember she was a cam sex girl for 9 years, and she can chat with many men at one time, and knows what they want to hear"What a pro liar"!!!!

IM Aug 25, 2012 12:41:20 PM

12:37:24 PM
sticky_sugar78: Thanks for ruining my, based on a few damn pics made the stupid assumption that I'm with a black guy and dunno what. And I used u????? Really? How? I went to America to seeee u. I'm sorry it didn't work out the way I thought it will...the way you thought it will. But really? What did I do to u?

12:38:03 PM sticky_sugar78: What did I do to u?

12:38:38 PM sticky_sugar78: U trying to ruin me and did nothing...I accepted ur help and now u make me pay for it

12:39:29 PM sticky_sugar78: Instead asking me about he pics....and my damn status... I'm sorry I didn't change it back. Wow. That's my mistake

12:41:20 PM

3:24:51 PM sticky_sugar78: U really think I would post smtn on Facebook that unit

3:25:07 PM sticky_sugar78: That u not suppose to see?

3:28:14 PM sticky_sugar78: N I didn't block u on my Facebook until I saw u blocked me. For whatever reason u did that. U didn't reply any of my msges so I thought u don't wanna have to do anything with me.

3:31:23 PM sticky_sugar78: I don't get u. Ur the meanest nice person I ever met. I never did anything wrong to u. N u doing this to me for the second time. Hope u realise that after u start thinking with a clear head n not out of assumptions ...cus karma is a b*tch

3:33:32 PM sticky_sugar78: Kindergarten starts on Sept 15th btw.

3:36:59 PM sticky_sugar78: If they keep me.

IM Aug 25, 2012 4:24:28 PM

4:06:07 PM sticky_sugar78: U know what. I should write a lil story of u on scanner site as well. Maybe ur friends are interested... or ur workplace

4:10:07 PM sticky_sugar78: Scanner that is. Cus I start feeling like a total stupid ass person forleting u do this n expect nothing back. Ur sitting there ruining my life... for doing nothing wrong practicly...why not dirt up ur name too see how it feels to. Google yr name tomorrow

4:24:28 PM gentledrj: wow, a threat, threatening a US citizen with defamation... and it's in writing and documented! I have to call FBI, and the immigrations service Monday

After I told her i was calling the FBI she went off the radar. Deleted accounts, emails etc.....
I have many law enforcement agencies alerted, FBI, Immigrations , ICE, Hungarian, and Romanian police and embassies, PayPal fraud, Western Union Fraud.Scammer sites and more.This one had me hook line and sinker for years!

  • Seeking Resolution: I'm Looking for a Refund
  • Refund Amount: $ 6,000.00

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