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Bell Canada Customer Service Does Not Want to Obey the Law ».

The most Effective Way to Resolve Issues/Complaints with Bell Canada

By admin, on October 17th, 2010

It is Bell Online Chat! Describe you complaint or issue in the chat and try to get answer or get your problem resolved until it is done. Do not let the customer service representative go, do not release him or her until your problem resolved! This is their job: make problems, then resolve problems. It is Bell’s choice! Customers can not help with this…

This is conversation with Bell customer service representative about the issue described in earlier posts. The customer spent several hours on the phone trying to escalate complaint to Bell, more than one week on e-mail conversation (both methods no luck). And about half an hour in Bell online chat with successful resolution of complaint at the end!

Here is online chat (looks funny sometimes, but it gave real results):


A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.

Chat representative Max has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

Max: Hello and welcome to Bell’s chat service. How may I provide you with excellent service today?

Max: I have not received a response. Do you wish to continue this chat session?



My bills for telephone service since September 2008 contain charges for Wire Care and Phone Care maintenance plans. I have never ordered them from Bell, so I’m assuming that they have been added by Bell due to some mistake. Additional proof that I have not ordered these services ever are here:

1 – I have never asked for any repairs, so it was absolutely no any reason for me to add care planes to my account

2 – If I really wanted, I would purchase them at once for entire year or two in order to get related discount

This billing error is happening every month since September 2008. So I’m asking for refund for the last year according to the Statement of Consumer Rights (SCR) which states the following: “Refunds for billing errors: You should inform your phone company if you notice that your telephone bill includes a charge that should not have been billed or that was overbilled. You have the right to receive a refund for any billing error as long as you report it within a set period of time. Billing errors for recurring charges, such as monthly local telephone service, must be disputed within one year, while billing errors for non-recurring charges, such as directory assistance charges, must be disputed within 150 days of the date of the bill. Any refund that you receive for a billing error should also be credited with interest” I’m not asking for refund between Sep xx, 2008 and Mar xx, 2009, but only for the period between Mar xx, 2009 and Mar xx, 2010, according to the SCR, since I’m reporting billing errors in my last 12 bills which happened in the last year. I had time to review by bills only now, so the error was happening for quite a long period of time. Can you please assist me with with this issue?

Max: Please allow me a minute or two to review the details.

Customer: My full name is xxx xxx, and registered phone number with Bell is 905-xxx-xxxx

Max: Thank you.

Max: May I call you by your first name?

Customer: Sure, thank you!

Max: Thank you, Customer.

Max: I will be happy to assist you with your billing issue.

Max: Thank you for staying online.

Customer: Take the necessary time to review, I’ll be online

Max: May I please have your 9 digit account number?

Customer: It is xxxxxxxxx

Max: Thank you, Customer.

Max: Our records indicate that Wire Care and Phone Care Plans were added to your account on September xxth, 2008.

Customer: That is correct, I mentioned it as well

Max: Please be assured that we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Customer: I did not make this change as well, and provided couple evidences that I really have not done this

Max: I am sorry, but we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Max: I can remove Wire Care and Phone Care from your account.

Max: Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you any credit.

Max: Would you like me to remove them?

Customer: No, I don’t like to remove them without a credit, we need to investigate it first.

Customer: Can you please explain what is the reason why you are not able to provide any credit?

Max: As mentioned earlier, we will not add/remove features to your account until you have requested for the same.

Max: You might have added the features.

Customer: I have not added those features, and provided you with clear evidences.

Max: I can remove Wire Care and Phone Care from your account.

Max: Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you any credit.

Max: Would you like me to remove them?

Customer: No, I don’t like to remove them now, as answered previously

Max: Okay.

Customer: Can you explain the reason why? I’m referencing to the law, according to which credit should be provided. Why can’t you do this?

Max: I appreciate what you are saying and can understand your frustration.

Max: I further realize that the standard rebate you are entitled to under our Terms of Service does not fully address the inconvenience and personal loss to you.

Max: Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on technologies and fortunately, we have reliable systems second to none.

Max: That’s not to say however, that these are infallible and when something happens, the effects can be far reaching.

Max: Although I am very sympathetic to your situation, it would be inappropriate for us to compensate some customers and not others.

Max: While I cannot offer you financial compensation, I can reaffirm our commitment to quality and we will try to prevent such an occurrence in future.

Max: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Max: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Customer: Max, I’m asking specific question

Max: I am sorry, I will not be able to provide you a credit for this issue.

Customer: Why can’t you apply the law (Statement of Consumer Rights) for my case

Customer: ?

Max: We will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Max: While I cannot offer you financial compensation, I can reaffirm our commitment to quality and we will try to prevent such an occurrence in future.

Max: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Customer: Yes

Max: Sure.

Customer: It is the same question above. Can you please explain why SCR can not be applied to this issue?

Max: As mentioned earlier, we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Max: You might have added them in the past.

Customer: Who did the change to my account?

Customer: I have not done this ever

Max: I am sorry, I don’t have access to that information since it was done in 2008.

Customer: So, I have to pay for it?

Max: Yes. If you wish to remove it, I can do that immediately.

Customer: You are talking that I have to pay for error appeared in Bell’s system?

Max: As mentioned earlier, we will not make any changes to a customers account without their permission.

Customer: Do you understand that I did not do this change?

Max: I appreciate what you are saying and can understand your frustration.

Max: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Max: I will place an order to remove Wire Care and Phone Care and back date the order so that you will receive a credit.

Max: Would you like me to remove them as of today/

Customer: What is the effective date, since which credit will be issued?

Max: I will back date the order to March 19th, 2009.

Max: You will receive a credit for the payments you made for Wire Care and Phone Care after that.

Customer: Ok. This is perfectly fine!

Max: I have placed the order.

Max: Your order confirmation number is Rxxxxx-xxx.

Max: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

That’s it! Customer successfully resolved the problem according to the law with the help of online chat.

Canada, Providers

« Rogers High-Speed Internet Express Customer? Check your speed!

Bell Canada Customer Service Does Not Want to Obey the Law ».

4 comments to The most Effective Way to Resolve Issues/Complaints with Bell Canada


August 25, 2011 at 2:11 am

Are you kidding me…did you actually get a credit ?
. .

Donna Miskokomon

October 5, 2011 at 9:22 am

Re: phone number 519-627-1426 Public Works and 519-627-2731 Housing; Walpole Island First Nation Ontario N8A4K9

Public Works and Housing are in the same building and use the same phones. Public Works has 3 lines, Housing has 2. From looking at the monthly fees, it seems that Public Works is overpaying, based on the number of lines indicated on the phone bill. Housing has 2 of the 5 and are invoiced monthly. Can someone please review these two accounts and let me know if Public Works is entitled to a reimbursement. I left a message for Jan Hoffman yesterday afternoon, but have not received an answer yet.
Thank you.

Donna Miskokomon, Public Works Administrator
Walpole Island First Nation Public Works
. .


December 23, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Chat doesn’t always work !
Alfred: Hello! Welcome to Bell Internet Services. How may I help you today?
You: Hi Alfred I am a current bell customer and am very frustrated with the level of service I’ve been getting
Alfred: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this. Is it with regards to your Bell Home Phone or Internet or TV or Mobility account?
You: home phone and internet
Alfred: I can certainly check on your issue. Please provide me your Bell account number.
You: I don’t have a bill handy
You: I can give you my account details
Alfred: Okay.
You: Nathan Mxxxxx
You: 36 xxxxx xx
You: Hxxxxxxx, Ontario
Alfred: Thank you. May I know the issue you are having with your Bell account?
You: I was promised that my internet would be working yesterday… then today.. it’s still not been switched to my new number. I am racking up 3G charges to use internet. I’m NOT a happy customer. I was promised by a supervisor yesterday (Chinta #XU863) that he would call back with a resolution…. he never did
Alfred: I can understand your frustration with this.
Alfred: I have checked on your account details and could see that, one ticket is already escalated for this issue.
You: Something needs to be done today or I am cancelling ALL my services with Bell Canada. I’ve spent way too much time dealing with this. I will just call Rogers and have them install
Alfred: So, you will hear soon from our end, with regards to your issue.
You: soon is not what I was promised
You: I was promised midnight last night I would have service
Alfred: Yes, I could see that same note as well.
You: maybe I will promise to pay
Alfred: The Ticket is under progress and working on your Internet connection issue.
Alfred: Yes.
You: and if I don’t keep my promise… what happens … there is a consequence for me…. Bell makes promises and there are no consequences
Alfred: Since the issue is in progress, it will be resolved soon.
You: right …. I heard that yesterday… is bell going to credit me my 3G charges ?
Alfred: It is working by our senior level Tech, on your issue.
Alfred: I am sorry that I am not sure about the 3G charges.
Alfred: I would like to thanks for your understanding.
Alfred: Thank you, and have a great day.
Alfred: Please visit our web site at to resolve your Internet related issues through online.
Thank you for chatting with us. Please click the “Close” button on the top right of the chat window to tell us how we did today.
. .


December 23, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Just don’t let representative go until they setup Internet ;) I’m serious…
. .

chiara stagliano
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

April 14, 2012 at 6:49 pm

i am so upset i wish i never switched from rogers to bell it has been nothing but a nightmare. In december 2011 a sales representative came to my door and talked my roo mate craig tester into switchihg from rogers(whom he been with for seven years) the sales representative said if you switch from rogers to bell we will give u internet cable and home phone for free for six months. They said you will get almost all the channels on your cable for the six months free after the six months you can choose what cable plan you like but right now free for six months. We asked if the home phone owuld have unlimited long distance cause wee use it as a work phone and call out long distance alot, and they said you will get unlimited long distance anywhere in canda for free the next six months after the six months you will have to put a long distanmce plan on there but the six months are free. Well not even a month after we got a cable bill in the mail for 500 past due balance. So i called bell telling them it supposed to be free six months and this was the first month, they said im so sorry the sales guy gave u that promotion i apologize sometimes the sales guys set up the promotion but dont put it horugh straight to bell canda they work privately i have now adjusted it yopur account sorry for the trouble it all fixed and wont happen again. Two days later i got a disconnection notice in the mail saying the past due balance of my cable was 550 if not paid it will be discomnected again i called bell sat on the phone for 4 hours and by the end of th ephone call was told again it all been resolved dont worry. Two week slater the bell credit dept called asking when i would be paying the 160 i owe on my home phone, i said it is supposed to be free for the next six months long distance anywhere in canada for the next six months, they told us someone added screen calling and long distance we said wedont even know what screen calling is we never called and added anything, and the long distance the sales rep said is free that why we switched from rogers to bell cause he said you get free unlimited long distance anywhere in canada free for the six months so after anothger four hours on the phone they fixed the problem and sai dok it all resolved so it will noeww be free for the remainder of the six month and every month i have got a phone call from the credit dept saying i owe money for home phone hung up called bell sat on the ohone for four hours at the end of call getting told it resolved and a month later it still not resolved and our names now affecting our credit cause the credit dept still has us as owing money to bell cause they say it fixed u dont owe anything for six months it all been adjusted and than credit dept says it still here. thats that for four months nothing but frustration and i work from home and i have lost out on 40 hours of work or more in the last 4 months speaking with bell one week it was 4 hours tuesday 5 hours wednesday 4 hours thursday just ridiculous i work from home so as soon as i got th call from credit dept i would call bell when i should of been on the ohone working and eneded up on the phone for four hours getting put on hols getting told i need to put you through to another dept over and over reoeatign the same story i ask please put me thorugh to the right person so i dont have to say the same story again to be put thoerugh again t hey say ok than i say my story and am switched over another six times after 2 hours on t he phome im hung up on and i know it not an accident because it every other time i call put on hold for forty minutes say hi this is supervisor i explain problem and click now im must call back sit on hold again repeating myself. I dont know how to resolcvve this naymorte with other companies when there a problem i call in talk ont he phone for an hour or two frustrated they put in their notes so the problem is fixed and doesnt happen again, too bad bell does not do the same obviously. My other concern i myself chiara stagliano in january of this year got two cell phones with bell another sales rep came to my door asked what im paying with rogers i told him for all my plans i need i pay $120 he told me he could give me the same plan for $45 i agreed and ended up getting craig a cell phone as well so the plan he needed would be a little more expensive cause he uses the phone more so when he explained to the sales rep what he does on his phone they came up with an $80 plan so one phone was $80 mine was $45 but i ended up adding more features so it was going to come to about $125 a month he also trold me the first month would ne free and he would charge no activation fees on botht hephones. So u can understand my surprise when the first month i received a $720 phone bill for both phones $150 worth of long distance on the cell phonbe that i put a unlimited long distance plan which the sales rep said cost $20 and it was never added onto the plan and when i called in the person i spoke with put the long distance plan on and said it cost $40 not $20 like the sales rep had said. they had also charged me $60 of data which i explained to them i am always signed on to wifi and i have 1 gigabyte of data which i dont use even close to that outside of wifi i maybe use the internet for 20 minutes tops in the whole month outside of wifi and the person on the phone tried to say well sometim es it tricky u think your signed on to wifi and your not i have had a iphone for 4 years i know how too use it when i got the new phone from bell i just upgraded to a iphone 4 as ooppose to the 3 i had but all the features on the phone are th e same i lknow how to use the phone the minute i got it i signed on to wifi it says bell 256 i entered the password and it on wifi all the time except like i said 20 minutes in the month outside of wifi the lady tried to say well they wouldnt charge you if u were signed on to wifi basically saying i must be stupid and not have it signed on anyways i got the 720 bill dowen to $309 nwhich i still was not happy with cause i was promised it would be under $200 every month for the two phones. they made it like i wazs ungrateful cause they gave me all these credit to get the bill down to 309 but im not cause i never should of got a bill for $720 in the first plkace for one month service half the plans i asked for were not put onto the account they promised me they fixed it all put everything adjusted next month it will be way cheaper you will be soo happy cause this isnt going to happen again it was hazrd to believe bc i was just on the phone two days earlier with bell regarding the $500 cable bill that should be at $0 and the day before that on thwe phgone with bell fro the home phone that should be $0 and was at 160 so i said i will believe it wehn i see it well a month later guess what a $450 phone bill again the phone that was supposed to have long distnace the lady said no one added a long distance plan when i asked for the plan the day i got the phone and a month later when i called in adn they said it was not on there they said i added it on there adjusted everything dont worry next month will be fine and go figure next month the same thing happened so i added long distance for athird time we will see what happens next month but again they told me $40 of charges for data again i said what am i supposed to do i rararely use internet unless im signed on to wifi and if i do it not very long and i have 1 gigabyte which i never ever use interenet outside of home for the reason i dont want to be charrged and than the end of the month i get charged money for using interent outside of wifi for 10 minutes and have 1 gigabyte of data which no way i go over that i dont even use a quarter of that nnever mind 40-60 over that so again i was ont he phone another 4 hours to get my 450 bill downt ow hat it should be than the next day again the credit dept is calling regarding my home phone again $160 which i just spoke and was told resolved it a month ago i just am siclk of spending so many hours on th phone i keep losing out on hours at work i wor from home so i start work than bell creditors call me and im sitting on the ohone with them for 4 hours that im missing out on work now because of it and it not once it would not be a big deal if there was a problem i called in you tell me i apologize for the inconvenience i put the pla n on i have adjusyed everything im so sorry it wont happen again which is what they tell me and it never fixed because they tell me this and for four months since the day i switched with bell not one month goes by that i get the proper bill for any of my services. It upsets me that you get sales people to go door to door ask what people are paying for their phone tv intenet whatever tell them they will pay less than that or get six months free say what they want to hear so they switch from whatever company they were with to bell and than nothing that was promised happens the last supervisor i spoke to on the phone told me the sales guys dont even work for bell they just sell their product basically telling me if they told me cable internet and home phone is free for six months my home phone i still have to pay charges and long distance i explained to hi m the sales rep said we get six months free for the home phone and we asked about long distance cause we need long distance the sales rep said dont worry the promotion going on right now the home phone is free which includes long distance anywhere in canada also free for the next six months every person i spoke to every month for three months when i told them said ok i will adjust it so they wont charge u for the remainder of the six months than the man i spoke with today said i have to pay $18 a month for long distance i expalined no the sales rep told me it was free he said it doesnt matter what he said cvcasue he just sells our product he doesnt work for bell, so i think it kinda dirty that these people make you cancel with whatever company your with to go with bell prmosie a certain paln than bell tells you too bad you have to pay if he told you six months free doesnt matter so he got his comission by switching us over we switched over becasue the plan that was promised three months bell agrees and says they have adjusted it this m onth the guy is saying we have to pay evejn though we were promised free it just not right and i guess that how bell gets customers by being dishonest. I had as few friend s over when the sales rep was here and amonth later they came to visit saying i was thinking of switching to bell can you call that sales rep who was here it sounded like a good deal and i said dont switch it a nightmare they tell u a certain plan and every month every swervice u get a bill for a ridiculous amount that is not what was promised they just lie to sign you up than u have to be frustrated ont he phone over and over being promised everything fixwed and not once have trhey said it fixed and i got the bill i should and veryone i have spoken to who has been with bell in the past has told nightmare stories as well it not good business peoplke do talk i telling everyone i know dont go with bell they are schammers and now im stuck locked in for three years my friend swill tell their friends and it goes on you cant send sales reps making broken promises just so they get paid and customers are lied to and screwed it the worse customner service i have ever had the longest customer sevice and the least smartest like they say i cant jelp u i pwill puty you through to someone who can than i tell the next person my problem over again and they say i cant help you i say so why did they say i will put your through to someon ewho can help the guy says good question so i say please put me through to someone who can help so he says absolutely and this just keeps going on next guy comes on the phone i say my problem all over again and told again ill put u through to so and so than about an hour or two into it i get hung up on now have to call back i just dont think it right to get told it fixwd i have put notes in the computer i call back a month later and the person saying no none of what you said has been put in your account i dont know who said it but theres no note here i dont know if their lying cayuse they dont wanna deal with it or if the [people i speak to say their putting in notes than dont im just so frusdtrated and angry i am losing money getting six months free with the amount of hours i have lost in work cause i have to sit on the phone with bell for hours to fix stuff they say they fix and it never done
. .

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