scambook guide

A Short Guide to Scambook

Scambook is the leading complaint resolution platform that can help you resolve your complaint and fight back against bad business practices and scams. Mass awareness and a proactive approach are key to keeping everyone safe!

Fight back by submitting a complaint with us. Submit a Complaint to get started. Submit a Complaint to get started.

Step 1.

Do you have a complaint you'd like to file against a company or individual? It's never been easier to get started! Click here to read more

Step 2.

Any evidence you may have can play a crucial part in backing up your complaint. Proof includes but is not limited to screen shots, credit card statements, receipts, or emails. Please don't forget to blur or cover up any private information such as your account numbers and address. Click here to read more

Step 3.

Your dashboard is home base! Any and all notifications regarding your complaint(s) and account will be sent directly to your dashboard. If the company you filed your complaint against wishes to propose a resolution to you, your dashboard is where all of the action will take place. This is also where you can easily make any changes to your account or privacy settings as well as upload proof to any complaint you filed. Click here to read more

Step 4.

Remember that Scambook is a community. There might be other people who have had the same experiences as you and we encourage you to actively browse our site to connect with other users, share other stories you might have to spread awareness, and of course stay informed yourself.