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I called the number and they were conviently "closed". I left a message telling them to remove the deposit. That I have already contacted the BBB, FTC, my attorney, and my bank to stop any ACH to them after tomorrow. Cost me 24.00 to do so but I don't even know how much they will try to take out at one time! Never signed anything or sent them my info!

Submitted by Alipayne on Jun 6th, 2012

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I took a loan from them nd they have been withdrawing 75 from my account every 2 weeks. I get an email today that it has been sent to collections... I'm looking at the email and wondering why, when I call the collections agency they tell me to reach out to Hydra for answers I call Hydra and some dummy tells me they have no managers and they cant give me any answers!!! (Inappropriate Content Removed)

Submitted by Dream on Jul 29th, 2013


This has also happened to me. They deposited money into my account in April of last year and I did not catch it until June when they took out $210 in one day. I went to my bank and they reversed the funds and blocked them from my account. I haven't heard anything until this week when a lady called my work saying she was with the State and was going to take me to court for nonpayment of a loan with Hydra Fund IV. When I asked for a fax number to fax them the papers where it had been resolved the lady would not give a fax number and kept ignoring my request for one and would only tell me to call back.

Submitted by alexandra on Jun 8th, 2013


I hate to tell you this but hydra fund is a real company. My bank did an investigation on them and there is nothing illegal about it.

Submitted by Peter on Jun 1st, 2013


you are sadly mistaken, i had $300 put in my account by them. My bank i go through, Suntrust did an investigation after i asked where the money came from. They found nothing illegal about it.

Submitted by Peter on Jun 1st, 2013


I filed the fraudulent activity with my bank and also sent an email to Hydra Fund stating that they illegally debited my bank acct without permission from me to do so. I told them that I did not owe any further fees and that I would speak to my attorney if they performed any further transactions to my acct. I filed a dispute on the original deposit of $300 and for the $90 that they took from my acct. In total they owe me $90. I went into my acct today and there is a withdrawal from Hydra Fund (even though I placed a stop pay) for $300! Where is my $90?!??!! I am furious! I thought it was my bank reversing the disputed item but they said it wasn't. So now I have 3 disputes with my bank! I want to be back where I originally was before they started dipping into my acct! Then my bank starts telling me some crap about me accepting the original deposit! I didn't accept it! I didn't even realize it was there...my acct had over that amount in it every day since it was put in! I did not use the $300 and did not ask for it! I just want my $90 back!!!! When will places like this be put out of business? Preying on unspecting victims!

Submitted by Renee on May 3rd, 2013


Phone # Phone:(888) 302-5332
Email Address: Website:http://www.hydrafundpaydayloan.info
Other Email: delpi99@gmail.com

No known employess and dont know the owners name

Address: 15503 Ventura Blvd
Suite 300
Encino CA 91436

Submitted by CheyenneLyons on Apr 4th, 2013


just stop and think.you did not authorise this trans.you never sign for it.write close your account.leve the money in the bank.if you have given your number.say Mr graham is not at this address.do not sign for letters.
put all letters to one side.and for get about it.just site back.i wish some one would put money in to my account.from john in the uk.

Submitted by GBY on Mar 12th, 2013


Hydra Fund deposited $250 into my accout on Jan 24, 2013. I have never heard of them. I did look into different check advance companies, but they were not one of them. To my suprise, two to three weeks later they deposited this amount. I never authorized amytype of check advance with anyone; muchless, someone I have never heard of. Did you try to speak with your bank regarding this to see if they could help prevent them from accessing your account before closing it? My bank was able to reverse the charge and block them from accessing my account in the future. As a matter of fact, they thanked me for the heads-up regarding Hydra Fund and the scams they are running. In fact, my bank's claim department is reporting them as well.

Submitted by Nwarner73 on Feb 7th, 2013


Sorry to hear. I know this goes back to the middle of 2012, but on Jan 2013, Hydra Fund did this same exact thing to me, only it was $250.00; however my bank was able to reverse the funds and blocked them from ever being able to deposite or withdraw any future funds to my account. I think you should speak with someone else or bank with someone else if you haven't already.

Submitted by Nwarner73 on Feb 7th, 2013


Hydro Fund I did the same thing to me. I have never heard of them either. They deposited $250.00 into my accout without my authorization. I to spoke with my bank and they reversed the transaction, blocked them from making any further transactions, and thanked me for bringing this issue of Hydra Fund to thier attention.
I to have a complaint on this site; however, it looks like these complaints about this company go back to the beginning of 2012 and they are still getting away with this. Is anything ever going to be done with them??

Submitted by Nwarner73 on Feb 7th, 2013


done the same thing to me. deposited $300 without my knowledge or consent so i closed my account

Submitted by jewels67 on Jan 30th, 2013


i had the exact same problem with these people. may i ask how you resovled it?

Submitted by monicaregier on Jan 26th, 2013


I have to but I quickly contacted them and told them to take it back out.

Submitted by LJ24 on Jan 23rd, 2013


Someone will call you and try to scare you telling you that they are going to sue you. Let them know that you have contract your state attorney and the BBB and they know that they are a scam give them no information abot your business call them with a private number like they do they want give you a address to mail the money back they want a creit card don't give it to them not even a pre paid card because you have no way of knowing that they want come after you again don't let them talk to you any kind of way talk to them the same way that they talk to you they are only trying to scare you and scam you for more of your information. Change all your bank information right away if you having done so let the bank know want going on also. That you didn't give these people who ever they are the right to go into your account.

Submitted by daisy on Jan 12th, 2013


I called this number I got from someone's post 1888 302 5269 and press 1 and tell them u didn't want loan, they will reverse it next day. Just be careful with your info through the Internet and don't apply online bc ur info spreads through website to website and prob other people.

Submitted by tinatomek83 on Dec 13th, 2012


They do not have a legitamit address you will get it returned to you. You may have to close your account unless your bank can stop them from debiting your account. I had to close mine. When hydra fund tried to debit my account and couldn't they immediatley turned it over to a collection agency-So, I had the bank make a money order out payee Hydra fund for the exact amount deposited ( 200 ) and simply wrote a letter explaining I did not want this loan nor did I authorized or sign anything to do with it. That way I had an address to send it to ( collection agency )and I made sure I sent it certified so I would know they recieved it. I have not heard from them since and this was August of this year. Good Luck !!

Submitted by Lynda on Dec 13th, 2012


they( hydra fund) should be put out of business - I will not EVER apply for a payday loan online again - unless I use a specific company ( payday max) is terrific !!

Submitted by Lynda on Dec 12th, 2012


Hi Cynthia, Happened to me too..Had to put stop payment and close account Cost me more money. To date Hydra still have not returned my calls and they have made in all a total of over $300 taken from me..Justice needs to be served somehow.

Submitted by Rick on Dec 12th, 2012


Check out the predatory laws in your state. A bank worker at my local bank was very helpful. Visit your bank- they do not have the right to harass you

Submitted by AmberM on Nov 29th, 2012


I'm going thru the same thing. I've never even heard of these people. I tried to talk to them and tell them I didn't apply for any payday loan and that I don't know how they received my info. The guy just got louder and louder and wouldn't let me talk. I'm so confused how these people got my info. They've even been harassing me at work- 30-40 calls on my cell a day. They're making me crazy. I just want to give them their money back and make them leave me alone but they're making it so difficult. Said I gotta pay fees for something I never even requested OR approved!!!

Submitted by AmberM on Nov 29th, 2012


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