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    I attempted to contact Veloura at 888-337-7382 on 9/23/2013. After being on hold for several minutes, I disconnected the call. I was unable to contact the business at this time, however, I will be making further attempts in the future to contact Veloura in regards to their unresolved consumer complaints.

    Information about Veloura was first submitted to Scambook on Jan 29, 2014. Since then the page has accumulated 180 consumer complaints. On average users reported $719.69 of damages. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 25 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Sep 23, 2013.

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    • 2500 E. Imperial Hwy
    • Suite 201-273
    • Brea CA 92821
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  • Phone:(888) 337-7382, (800) 218-6106, +44 800 240 8307
  • Additional Employees: No known Employees
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  • Complaints Unresolved
  • Unresolved Reported Damage $130,337.20

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  • Veloura Complaint 87819 for $171.22
  • Janet
  • Janet SBID #1b6b3b4a57
  • Posted 12/28/2014
  • I have been caught out too with this scam you cannot cancel your credit card they will still bill you to your old card and keep sending the product taking £150 per month from your card it is a big scam and very difficult to get out of the telephone numbers are unavailable so you cant get the REM number you need to return the products these people want exposing it is a con
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  • Veloura Complaint 165918 for $91.65
  • joelas
  • joelas SBID #fc97ca5faf
  • Posted 12/12/2014
  • In general when you have these types of problems, you should consult with the bank that issued the card you used. You have to learn their procedures and follow them. You probably will have to provide some original document in writing. MY USA bank reverses the charge while the seller must justify his position. In Costa Rica I fill out a form and they take it from there requiring a reply from the seller. That depends on what bank. Another required that I win the case in court first. Find out what your bank's policy is before using the card. So far I have gotten all settled as they should have been Through the bank's customer servce. Another suggestion is to ask your bank to block any further charges. Telling one that I would post it on various blogs got it resolved. Veloura Has quite a few complaints. Note that any plan that provides for automatic shipment if you don't cancel by a certain time has significant risk. Check the complaint blogs before buying anything you are not familiar with. Neither Veloura nor Bellagenix responded to my cancel notice.
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  • Veloura Complaint 87819 for $171.22
  • got2bme
  • got2bme SBID #26225e17c7
  • Posted 04/24/2014
  • Cancel your credit card or get your bank to give you a new one. The terms are printed on the Veloura web site. Call Veloura and tell them to stop sending the product, the call is being recorded, and you will not pay for anymore shipments from that date on. If they send anymore product after that date you are free to keep them without payment. But make sure you get a new credit card!
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  • Veloura Complaint 101150 for $184.00
  • got2bme
  • got2bme SBID #26225e17c7
  • Posted 04/24/2014
  • This is printed on their web site: Offer Details: Your package contains one bottle of Veloura™! If you decide to continue using Veloura™ 14 days after your order date, do nothing and we'll charge your credit card 1 easy payment for the 1 bottle at just $89.99. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, and you are within the 14 days of date of order, simply call (888) 337-7560 (Mon-Fri: 9am -5pm PST) and request a return authorization number and instructions to return the product.
    Why people don't read the fine print when ordering things is beyond me, but you did give them consent the minute you hit the purchase button. Reason one I would not order and clicked off immediately. There is no false advertising here, sorry but this scambook needs to delete all these posts.
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  • Veloura Complaint 104903 for $185.00
  • got2bme
  • got2bme SBID #26225e17c7
  • Posted 04/24/2014
  • The following is printed on the web site: Offer Details: Your package contains one bottle of Veloura™! If you decide to continue using Veloura™ 14 days after your ORDER DATE, do nothing and we'll charge your credit card 1 easy payment for the 1 bottle at just $89.99. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, and you are within the 14 days of date of order, simply call (888) 337-7560 (Mon-Fri: 9am -5pm PST) and request a return authorization number and instructions to return the product.
    Reason number ONE I clicked off immediately. When you see these types of things do not order. It is not false advertising. You need to place a stop payment on your credit card or cancel the card out right.
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  • Veloura Complaint 87819 for $171.22
  • Janice
  • Janice SBID #18ea69fe58
  • Posted 03/28/2013
  • I have been conned on a similar product Alluredead sea .co. seem they are doing the same I ordered product with just the shipping costs to pay but today they have taken £95 85 out of my account have spoken to the fraud dept at bank and they will block anymore payments
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  • Veloura Complaint 87819 for $171.22
  • jeanette
  • jeanette SBID #8091dd549d
  • Posted 02/02/2013
  • I recieved my veloura cream today, then read the paper work. I canot believe this can be allowed to happen, ive called them all day the 1 number is not workng the other just says someone will be with you shortly. I have now sent an email telling them to send an RMA number within 2 day or i will take it further.Ive now got to cancel my debit card, and hopefully they will not beable to get my money.
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  • Veloura Complaint 202570 for $74.95
  • dclee
  • dclee SBID #abc3fb8ee1
  • Posted 01/28/2013
  • Hi Donna, It is a complete sham. I did get through eventually on this number 0-800-092-3412(UK and i spoke to one of the customer service people there and explained that like you i couldnt get through on the number provided because it was not recognised, so i could not return the item and get the RMA number. I eventually got 50% back off what they had taken and a promise that no further payments will be charged to my account. I am disgusted that so many people have been scammed like this and yet they continue to do this. Surely they should be stopped from doing this? Anyway i hope you get through and are able to get it sorted. Would you believe that whilst i was on the phone to them they still tried to sell me hair products on a trial basis lol you can guess what i told them xx good luck.
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  • Veloura Complaint 202570 for $74.95
  • DonnaBecktel
  • DonnaBecktel SBID #366696f49a
  • Posted 01/28/2013
  • I ordered the trial and then got billed £79.95 as I could not get through to the number provided so it went past the trial period when I needed to cancel or be billed. I have found the following numbers which from the UK I have to dial 001 then 888 337 7382 and another 001 800 240 8307 which I will try when the time zone is right and see how I get on. This has given me nothing but stress more likely to cause more wrinkles. I am a single parent who thought this trial period was affordable and now I feel robbed and quite stressed out. I am feeling positive that I found these numbers today and really hope I can get through and cancel as I cannot afford them to bill me each month it is so so bad. I hope these numbers can help others. I have not tried them yet as I am in the UK and have to wait for the right time zone but was eager to try and give these out as I notice there is 64 complaints about Veloura with the same problem
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  • Veloura Complaint 87819 for $171.22
  • Mikungfu
  • Mikungfu SBID #99355ce237
  • Posted 01/11/2013
  • Also I ordered a trial of Veloura and Bellagenix on December 27th. On December 28th they allegedly shipped it and it only got to my door on January 10th (yesterday). When I opened the box there was a paper saying that the 14 days trial period would have started on the day I made the order. So basically that would mean that the cream was delivered to me on the day that the trial period would end!.. Absurd!!.. Any trial period refers to the time a person has to TRY the product... And I can only start trying something when I receive it. So the 14 days should have started yesterday, and not December 27th.

    But it became obvious that this start date of the trial period, was intentional scam... Because they say that for you to cancel the re-billing of your card, you have to do it within the trial period. So basically I would have to cancel it before even trying it. Veeery convenient because, the cream obviously doesn't do what they claim it does!!..

    Personally I couldn't care less about their scam because, I'm not that naive and this smelled (Inappropriate Content Removed)from the beginning and, because of that I didn't use a real credit card, but rather a virtual credit card that is only valid for one single transaction and for the amount limit I specify ($5.00 in this case). After that the number expires and there is no more card. The card actually works as debit card because it uses the available funds in my debit account. That account is currently empty,but even if it wasn't there would be no problem, since the card is virtual and has expired.

    Having said that, I will now email them and phone them (in case they answer the phone), and will cancel everything. However I will tell them that 14 days of trial are 14 days from the date I RECEIVE the item. I will gladly return the empty bottle 13 days from now.

    That's how you treat scammers in my book!
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  • Veloura and Bella Genix Complaint 194964 for $199.90
  • Leo
  • Leo SBID #576ee714ce
  • Posted 01/11/2013
  • this scam realy I'm read this links
    :) yo-ho-ho
    To ensure you do not run out of Bellagenix, starting in 45 days from your original order date of the introductory 14-day trial offer, and every 30 days thereafter, you'll receive a new jar. The credit card you provide today will be billed the Member's Only discounted price of only £64.95 (plus a small £4.95 shipping and handling fee). As a member of our Bellagenix Lifestyles Program, you are not obligated to continue. No hassles, no commitments. Cancel at any time!! Just contact customer service should you have any questions.


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