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    Information about Raspberry Ketone Fresh was first submitted to Scambook on Oct 08, 2013. Since then the page has accumulated 36 consumer complaints. On average users reported $181.26 of damages.

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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • claire
  • claire SBID #5f63c1bfcb
  • Posted 01/09/2014
  • cant't believe I just fell for this scam - same story as above. I have contacted my bank and stopped my card and am waiting for the transaction to move from pending so i can have the retail disputes team investigate. Thanks to D above I called the number she posted and finally got through to a man who finally whislst i was on the line, mailed me an RMA number so I can return these "pills" as soon as i recieve them, no way am i going to take them. feel so stupied that feeling the usual january slump i was depressed enough to think there was a magic cure for extra pounds although i certainly lost pounds with these - £150 to be exact. well lesson learned. hoping i also recieve a refund and good luck to all who have been unfortunate enough to encounter raspberry ketones fresh!
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • Jo
  • Jo SBID #dee4d15939
  • Posted 01/07/2014
  • I got my money back too from my bank. The company never did send the rebate form.

    I had to email the bank all the details.. Didn't have to send the product back either as it was advertised as a free trial, although I haven't taken any, nor am I going to.. I just think if they're scam artists then there could be anything in those pills.

    So anyone who falls for this scam I recommend contacting your bank ASAP, it seems their the only ones who scare them into giving the money back.
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • Gabrielle
  • Gabrielle SBID #7d183e63ea
  • Posted 01/07/2014
  • Hello everyone,
    I fell for this scam also but I have just seen I have had the full £153.95 returned to my account today so I've written below what I did to help anyone still trying to deal with this problem. I hope it helps.

    - Purchased the Raspberry Ketone fresh, expecting to pay £4.95 as stated on the website.
    - Saw £153.95 had been taken from my account, but no confirmation of order email from the company.
    - The product did actually arrive, so I had something. I did not send the product back as I was unsure as to whether that would be the only proof I had.
    - Tried every possible way to contact the company via email addresses, telephone numbers on the internet and on various websites I thought might be linked with the company, I spent quite a lot of time talking to an American company who had no idea who I was despite confirming it was their product and website I had ordered from.
    - Saw they had taken another £1.99 out of my account, so began to worry as they may be able to take more.
    - Contacted my bank immediately and set up Visa Disputes for both the amounts. The £1.99 was refunded pretty much immediately (I guess because it's not worth investigating such a small amount).
    - I was asked for proof of what had happened and my attempts to contact the company. I sent copies of emails and sent the phone numbers I had tried to ring, as well as addresses I had found. I also sent a print screen image of the final page that has the "rebate" amount on it.
    - The bank then contacted the company's bank to see what was happening.
    - I have then seen today I have been completely refunded.

    I hope this is helpful. Any questions let me know!
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • Rachel
  • Rachel SBID #aac6346663
  • Posted 12/07/2013
    Had to send products back by post (recorded delivery needed proof of postage) waited 15 days as advised by my banks disputes department. Then sent them a letter along with the proof of postage (also sent this recorded delivery) an got the money back in my account within a week.
    It took 2 months in total to get money back with this stupid company, but got every penny back.
    Hope this helps everyone, thanks.
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  • Lunar Essentials Complaint 286731 for $123.00
  • Lori
  • Lori SBID #e1bb679a61
  • Posted 12/07/2013
  • Hi. The same thing happened to me but through a different company. I was told to return then with a return number, which I did, and then wait 7 days for my refund. The tablets were confirmed as delivered 3 weeks ago but I still heard nothing from them. Call your bank and they'll fill out a 'visa dispute form'- I did this yesterday not expecting much but the money is now back in my account (they said it could take up to 7 days to decide if your case is genuine and them return the money) and all further transactions with the company are barred. I wouldn't wait for them to refund- go directly to your bank. The person I spoke to on the phone had already heard of the scam and was very helpful. I'm a student too and was left with basically nothing. Good luck! Hope you get your money back
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • Jodie
  • Jodie SBID #d4a7c152a4
  • Posted 12/06/2013
  • Hi Roxy

    Thank you for this! This is very helpful.
    I had a phone call form my bank yesterday and the woman told me that they couldn't help me as I stated the product was correct therefore they see that as me being happy with my purchase!! well... I went MAD!! I don't know where in the 19 pages of emails, phone call records and proof of postage that they saw me being happy!
    Any way long story short I got given the direct number for the disputes team and I got put through to a gentleman who was great! He went through all my evidence piece by piece. The outcome was that he told me they would know take up this dispute for me and that they would credited back the money onto my credit card. However the company now have 45 days to dispute this back. If they come up with an argument towards me I will then have to provide more proof BUT if they do not do anything I will get to keep the money and they case will be closed! fingers crossed!
    I think I might call my bank back and add this information that you have provided on to my dispute
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • Roxy
  • Roxy SBID #d50a469e88
  • Posted 12/05/2013
  • Hi maybe long winded but please read it may help you!!!!
    Having failed to contact the company to cancel my account and request the RMA returns code you require to return the tablets, and having being told by my bank my account is being monitored for future transactions and there is nothing they can do about the £153.95 and £1.99 taken from my account I yesterday contacted citizens advice bureau who have told me that because the advert is misleading and also because you click through links to make the payments that the t&c's are not availabke to view this is in breach of your consumer rights. Call your bank explain the ad was mis leading and you purchased through clicking on several links and there were no t&c's available advuse given this citizens advice have adviced you are eligable for the charge back scheme, my bank have advised I print the t&c's on site stating they will make a refund for unused and unopened purchases, return the goods to the returns address but you must get a proof of posting from post office. Bank have informed me if the comoany do not contact me/refund me within 14days of posting they will apply the chargeback scheme and in a further 21 days I will get my full refund providing I supply the evidence of the t&c's and the proof of posting....persistance is key it's taken a lot of phone calls and emails but I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Also the company have emailed me back a week later from ignoring my dequest for RMA no congratulating me on my purchase and claiming they will rebate in 30days when I complete and return their form I'm not chancing it. Speak to citizens advicd anx your bank and return if advused as I have they cant refund something you still have, I'll ket you know how I progress...
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  • RaspberryKeytoneFresh Complaint 286537 for $159.96
  • Lauren
  • Lauren SBID #362cfab58c
  • Posted 12/03/2013
  • It's an absolute joke!! I ended up getting through to the American number (god knows how much that will cost) they said that all uk accounts had been transferred to uk call centre and she couldn't access any of my information but she was requesting the account manager would look at it. Also apparently te uk call centre is supposedly open from 2pm each day so she was baffled when I told her no matter what time of the day or night I call, there is never any answer!
    Coincidently as soon as I got off the phone I emailed them again and they actually replied for the first time ever!!
    They sent me and RMA and an address to post the goods back to. THEY told me to email them the tracking number and once they receive the package back they will refund it and I should have it within a week. 2 weeks after them signing for the package, still no refund and again they won't reply to any emails.
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • Roxy
  • Roxy SBID #d50a469e88
  • Posted 11/30/2013
  • I've also stupidly fallen for this my bank have been less than helpful I tried cancelling by email on day of purchase looked in my sent folder and it was scrambled, I've just emailed the 183 email address mentioned above and I'll attempt calling again on Mon for this RMA's looking like we wont get our money back at this rate they've not only taken the £153.95 they've taken £1.99 in addition I also bel I eved to be authorising £4.95!!
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  • Rasberry Ketone Fresh-Lunar Essentials,Inc Complaint 282530 for $153.00
  • D
  • D SBID #42641cd590
  • Posted 11/30/2013
  • Unfortunately, I have fallen for this scam too, after seeing a Facebook advert.
    I have since called the bank, cancelled my card to stop any further transactions, contacted the company via 0800 404 6960 (UK free phone number).
    After a day and half, I finally got through to someone in Customer Services, who sent me the return details via email:

    I have returned the items via recorded delivery today and emailed the tracking number with a clear statement that if I am not refunded within the next 7 working days, I will report them to the banks Fraud team, advertising standards agency and trading standards.
    I hope this works and I get my money back!!!

    Hope the information above is helpful to anyone who needs it.
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  • RaspberryKeytoneFresh Complaint 286537 for $159.96
  • David
  • David SBID #7c4ff13eb3
  • Posted 11/22/2013

  • I have managed to get hold of "Cytotrim" on the following email address:
    I have found out to following to my cost:

    1. The 14 day trial is not FREE.
    2. If you do not get a return to manufacture authorisation
    within 14 days, a charge is made for the product supplied
    as a trial.
    3. The company then charges you on a monthly bases at £69.97
    per tub.
    4. The company does not accept any responsibility, if you
    try to point out that they have not answered questions
    that are asked, it is pointed out that it is the
    customers fault.

    I have made contact, have not received a satisfactory answer. But I have managed to cancel the contract.
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