You’re probably ecstatic about the presidential election this year, just as we are. Just oozing with happiness. Just as I am oozing with sarcasm right now.

Well, with just two weeks left until the elections,

we have heard of election scams we thought you should be aware of.

The BBB reports that the first scam involves telephone calls from callers who claim to be raising money for a candidate, an organization or a cause. The BBB says the second scam involves callers who claim to be taking surveys for a polling organization, political party, candidate or the media.

The scammers are asking for the donations in what they say is a “final push” to help their candidate get elected.

“The caller could be a legitimate volunteer working for their candidate or they could be a scammer calling from anywhere in the world. The problem is that you have no way of knowing where your money is going,” BBB President Tom Bartholomy says.

Bartholomy also says by giving a telephone caller your credit or debit card number, it opens you up to identity theft.

The BBB recommends making a contribution directly to the campaign of the candidate you support via mail or the candidate’s website.

In the election survey scam, the BBB says the scammer pretends to be with a candidate, political party or polling company, and promises a prize for your participation in taking their survey.

“Then, they will tell you that they need your credit or debit card to pay the taxes on your prize. When you give them your debit or credit card number, they can drain your bank account or max out your credit limit,” the BBB says.

The main tip offered is to end the call quickly.

“The longer that a telephone solicitor can keep you on the telephone, the more likely he is to be successful at getting you to give money,” Bartholomy says. “So, tell them you are not interested and hang up. You aren’t being rude, you are being savvy!”

The information above was shared by the BBB and WBTV.

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