Cyber Monday 2012 is November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and the best online deal sites are featured in today’s Scambook TV video. First, Kevan reminds us that the deals on Black Friday aren’t always the lowest prices. We recommend waiting until Cyber Monday or even the following week to shop. Kevan explains that most of the big chains like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target feature incredible bargains on their websites. Then, he tells us about 4 lesser-known, but still legit deal sites where you’ll also find great holiday values. They are,, and Slick Deals, Fat Wallet and Ben’s Bargains are community sites where bargain hunters share the deals they find. Ebates is a shopping program where you can get cash back for making purchases at other stores online. Remember, the deals on these sites are always changing. As Kevan says, they’re perfect for Christmas shopping or getting the best bang for your buck any time of the year!

There are many reasons why Cyber Monday trumps Black Friday. The deals are frequently much better, and you don’t have to wait in line all night just to battle the crowds. Most of the brick-and-mortar stores participating in Black Friday also offer incredible holiday savings on Cyber Monday. Shop at Target, Walmart and Best Buy without leaving your home! Then, of course, there’s Amazon. The digital retail behemoth always rolls out incredible savings on Cyber Monday.

But you don’t have to stick to big chains to find value. We wanted to share our 4 favorite sites for online deals. Many of our Scambook team members shop regularly on these sites, so we know the bargains are legitimate and you won’t end up with a sponge.


Scambooks Top 4 Favorite Deal Sites

1. Slick Deals (

2. Fat Wallet (

3. Ben’s Bargains (

4. Ebates (

Slick Deals, Fat Wallet and Ben’s Bargains feature a wide variety of deals hand-picked by the site’s community of bargain hunters. Their members have an eye for value and they’re generous enough to share what they find with the rest of us. Now, since anyone can submit a deal on these sites, you should still use common sense when you buy anything. But in general, the community members are very good at vetting their sources so you won’t be lead astray.

Ebates works a little differently. It’s an online rebate program that’s free to join. After you sign up, you start shopping at other stores, like Macy’s, and get cash back for your purchases. You earn points as you shop that you can then redeem or donate to a charity. They profit by getting a commission from retailers, so it’s completely free for users.


Share Your Favorite Deal Sites

Where do you like to go for the best online bargains? Got any holiday shopping secrets you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your recommendations, so leave a comment below!

Remember to come back next week. We’ll be revisiting Cyber Monday to share some online safety tips to make sure you don’t get ripped off when you order from the web.


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