Your workout shoes are collecting dust, and you have no idea how much has been charged on your credit card each month from your gym.  You’re receiving invitations to barbecues and pool parties, and panic quickly arises because you have no idea how you’re going to strut around half naked without having gone to the gym over the past several months.

In today’s market, there are hundreds of different ways to “get high school skinny.”  Most of us have seen online advertisements for diet pills promising to help you shed those 10 pounds you’ve been carrying around all spring, but do they work?

Scambook has delved into which weight loss companies that have affected consumers the most.  We have received over $650,000 in total reported damages from five different diet products companies.

5. Nuvoryn – 95 complaints/$57,517 in reported damages

Nuvoryn is a product sold online containing fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredients such as green tea.  Testimonials on Nuvoryn’s website claim there is no need to change your diet.  The site offers special online offers including free bonus bottles and free worldwide shipping.

One Scambook user reported:

“I ordered the 3 pack special as advertised on 29 March 2012.  R 1007.00 (South African Rands) $143 was charged to my credit card on 29 May 2012. After numerous phone calls and emails, I have not yet received the products nor a refund which I requested on 12 April 2012.  This company/ products is a huge scam and everyone should be made aware of this!”

4. Pure Health – 108 complaints/$4,121 in reported damages

Pure Health is an online shopping site providing pure, high quality products to aid people on their “journey to pure health.”  They sell 100% pure products in capsule form like Pure Black Raspberry Capsule that contain gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and silica.  They also sell products in liquid form as well like Pure Acai and Pure Goji.  Acai berries and goji berries are great antioxidants and may help prevent cancer and other illnesses.  Pure Health offers free shipping with a purchase of any two or more items at a special price of $12.99.

One Scambook user reported:

“Ordered 2 bottles of the green coffee bean extract. Money was taken out of my PayPal account immediately but still have not received product. I was sent a confirmation email but it had no confirmation number. I have emailed them inquiring about my order and have gotten no response. The phone number listed is not a working number. This is very frustrating to say the least. I am glad I did not give them my credit card # and that it went through PayPal. I would recommend to anyone who gave them credit card information to cancel their cards or put a fraud alert on them.”

3. Organa Slim/Organa Cleanse – 153 complaints/$212,261 in reported damages

Organa Slim and Organa Cleanse are two online shopping sites selling all-natural dietary supplements Pure Raspberry Ketone and Caralluma Actives, both advertised to help suppress appetite, boost energy and metabolism and burn fat.


Their ingredients include raspberry ketone, acai, green tea, resveratrol and African mango extract.  They offer a few different packages and special promotions such as “Buy 1 month supply, get free shipping for $49.99” or “Buy 3 months supply, get 2 free bottles for $99.99.”

A Scambook user reported:

“On 17th December I followed a link on Facebook which lead me to the Organa Slim website. As a promo deal I put in the ‘code’ word and although the product was free, I was also requried to provide my credit card details. Bad move! ever since small amounts have been deducted from my credit card. Thank God I discovered it before it racked up into the thousands of dollars! I was told by my bank that because i volunteed my credit card details I had to first try and get the money back from Organa Slim. If they would give it back to me then I could lodge a complaint with my bank and their fraud department would investigate.”

2. Lean Slim Ultra – 366 complaints/$111,212 in reported damages

Lean Slim Ultra is a weight loss dietary supplement aiding consumers to lose weight and get in shape.  The capsules contain ingredients such as acai fruit, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, apple cider vinegar powder, kelp and grape fruit powder. We’ve all heard of most of these ingredients before, so ordering this product isn’t so scary.  The site offers a starter kit that includes a 30-day supply of Lean Slim Ultra, a capsule holder, progress tracker workbook and weight loss tips and guidance booklet.

One Scambook report revealed:

“Hi my name is Mr Keith Gilfillan. My wife bought sliming tablets online a few months ago which cost £2.96, I’m not sure of the date. She now receives tablets ever month and the company takes out £2.96 ever time which didnt ask for. It was just a one of buy. On the 13th March they also took out £60.75 for some reason. On the invoce which comes with the tablets it says they where ordered via I really hope you can help me with this matter and also help get a full refund.”

1. African Mango Metaburn – 495 complaints/$385,170 in reported damages

African mango extract has been a key ingredient in most weight loss pills advertised online.  African Mango Metaburn has been a popular company reported on, selling African Mango and MetaBurn pills and charging $2.95 for shipping and a 14-day trial.

According to a Scambook user:

“I ordered the African Mango and Metaburn free trial mid-Sept. It was a free trial at the charges of $2.89 (African Mango) & $5.19 (Metaburn) for postage. These were charged the day after I placed the order. I was told my product would arrive in Australia within 10 days. They didn’t. I tried looking for any contact details for the companies (email or phone) but couldn’t find anything. 15 days after I placed the order, the African Mango arrived but no Metaburn. There was a US phone number on it which I called. I complained about the “Free trial” period of 14 days when I received the product a day after that. I informed them that I wish to cancel and that I didn’t even get the Metaburn. They said it was cancelled and to return the product. Then 3 days later I was charged $78.81 and $95 (one charge per product). When I called again, I was told I was charged for the original bottles. They told me nothing more would be charged and that I can keep the first bottle. When I reminded them that I hadn’t even received the Metaburn anyway and I cancelled the purchase 3 days prior, they just hung up. 5 days later I was charged again $78.13 and $100.85 I cancelled my credit card then. It has been a month, and all I ever got was the one bottle of African Mango. Not including the two small initial postage charges, I’ve been charged $352.79 When I first heard about the product – TV and magazines, I didn’t see anything on the internet about scams for this. Just lots of advertising for it. Now there are scam references for African Mango everywhere. I’ve ordered products online before and never had a problem. This is quite upsetting and I am currently dealing with my bank to get my money back.”


Here are some helpful tips from Scambook that can help you make a wise, safe purchase:

– Be wary of “free shipping” offers or “same day specials.”  These sites often create a sense of urgency to purchase right at that moment before the offer goes away.  The truth is, these offers will usually stick around for quite awhile, so you have time to poke around the Internet to see what else is out there.

– If the site is offering a free trial, we strongly advise you don’t enter any credit card information, even if it’s only to pay for shipping.  The pattern we’ve found through these companies is that they will charge your card without authorization on a monthly basis.  If you end up not liking the product, you’re stuck with these charges and that free trial is no longer considered “free.”

– If you do place an order online from a site similar to those listed above, make sure you have all the contact information necessary in case you don’t receive your order.  Name, address, email, phone number and tracking information are all imperative.  Quite a few Scambook users reported that they never received their merchandise, so we advise you to gather as much information about the company as possible before making any purchases.

– Check your bank account on a daily basis.  Some Scambook users have reported they do not check their accounts too often, and end up finding random charges.  In addition to keeping an eye on your accounts, create a relationship with a representative from your banking institution so you can have a go-to person if you receive any strange charges or activity.

So before looking into quick fixes for those stubborn pounds, be sure to research the product and read reviews. If you’re feeling unsure about any dietary supplements, you can always go back to the basics and eat properly and exercise!

Let us know if you’ve had any unpleasant experiences with purchasing diet pills by commenting below, or submit a complaint.  Spread the word, and help Scambook help others.


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