While the iPhone 4S has been around for a quite a bit now and with the Siri function definitely putting a whole new spin on it,  everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on one and are still buzzing over it. While we await for the rumored iPhone 5  release, scammers are coming up with creative ways to bait aspiring iPhone users into buying a dummy iPhone 4S for an ‘unbeatable’ price. Oh and by the way, beware of any iPhone 5 ads because those are scams too.  But we had to spread the word about this disturbing  video from a consumer who got scammed into buying a white iPhone 4S.

Everything from the box to the accessories looks legit, but when he turns the phone on, there is a message saying “Low Battery” on the screen.  If you’re familiar with ANY Apple product, you know that the screen indicates a low battery with a battery symbol with the color red inside it.

When this person does some more digging he discovers that the screen is fashioned to show the “Low Battery” message every time a button is pushed on the device, turning on a light that illuminates the screen.

These scams are mostly found through the internet or through smishing, the latest scam.  You may have read about smishing in our entry about the Walmart gift card scam.  Instead of receiving an e-mail, you get a text message instructing you to respond by calling a toll-free number and connecting you to someone who may bait you into giving up your credit card information.

If you’re looking to purchase an iPhone 4S in your near future, we at Scambook urge to take precaution and make sure to test out the product before completing the transaction and avoid online purchases if you can because you just never know.  iPhone 4S scams are rampant, and we’d hate to see you get robbed of your money and end up disappointed.

Have you ever been tricked into buying a fake phone before? Let us know in the comments below. 

If this has happened to you or someone you know please submit a complaint here.

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