Scammers are at it again taking advantage of the charitable organization’s ‘One Day Without Shoes’ campaign and infecting computers with malware.

With its “One for One” policy of donating shoes to someone in need for every pair bought, but that benevolent spirit is being capitalized on in a new Facebook scam.

According to Security Daily News, messages have been spreading around Facebook flaming Toms is giving away free shoes, but these are bogus offers that direct users to click on a link that sets in motion a string of annoying and potentially malicious actions.

The trouble doesn’t stop there. After requesting users to “like” or “share” the page, which spreads like wild fire to all your Facebook friends, the scam invites users to download “dubious toolbars, games or software,” Hoax-Slayer wrote, and in some cases it tells people they must enter their cell phone number to win the prize, obviously not the case, “thereby subscribing to ludicrous expensive text messaging services.”

This particular scam has some steam pushing it ahead since Tom has designated April 10 as “One Day Without Shoes,” in which people are urged to forgo footwear to spread awareness on the impact shoes can make on the life of a child.

When Tom got wind of this scam going around, he posted on his own Facebook page a message advising his fans that the free-shoe pages “are in no way associated with TOMS.”

We advice all Scambook users to always be suspicious of Facebook offers, do not trust anything “free” or “exclusive,” and if you’re asked to fill out a survey or divulge any personal information, we repeat DO NOT DO IT! Running up to date anti virus software on your computer will help detect potential threats.

Scambookers, have any of you seen this bogus offer on Facebook?



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3 Responses

  1. Fernanda

    Awesome blog! A couple of my friends had reposted this on Facebook, so I thought it was legit. But closed it immediately after having to go through sponsors. Ridiculous how scammers are now targeting charitable businesses.

  2. Marioh

    My girl friend got one and she was so tempted to go for it, but she did not. She said that her instinct told her something wasn’t right. Thus, what she did instead of just clicking the ad, she went directly to Tom’s site and found out that they were not associated with Tom’s. The lesson is: when in doubt, always double check and go straight to the legitimate business. Do not be lazy people. Carajo, que me cago en dies!

  3. michelle vandesteeg

    I’ve seen a few pgs like this..for free iPad’s, free I phones ect


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