It’s Cinco de Mayo, you just got paid, and you’re ready to party after a long week of work. The booze is flowing and you’re having a great time, until you go close your tab, only to discover your bill jumped a several hundred dollars over what you intended. Reflecting back, the excitement overcame your log, and you kept showering friends with drinks. Fine, but $700 worth? What went wrong?

It’s hard to point your finger at a single soul in the bar and play the blame game, especially when you’ve had a few drinks yourself.  From us at Scambook, we advise to drink responsibly, and more importantly, order responsibly.  Some factors that may have contributed to the $700 you are now forced to fork over:

Someone overheard your name or someone’s name in your party and used it to order drinks under your tab.

  • TIP: Always pay with cash to avoid people charging drinks on your tab, and advise the bartender only you can order drinks.  Also, pay as you go so you know what you order and the costs.

The bartender took advantage of your drunken state and charged your drinks at a higher rate.

  • TIP: Ask to see the menu before you start ordering.   This shows the bartender you’re aware of the prices so he can’t screw you.

You had one too many drinks.

  • TIP: Don’t drink too much!  If you’re inebriated, you won’t be able to argue your case against the bartender because he won’t take you seriously, and who are you to say you got overcharged?  You’re wasted!

It’s time to leave the bar, and being the responsible drinker you are, you call a cab. For some reason the ride seems longer than usual, but you figure it’s because you’re drunk and exhausted.  The driver stops in front of your place, and the meter reads an amount you’re not accustomed to, especially when you’ve taken a cab from the same bar before, so why are you paying more?

The driver took you sightseeing.

  • TIP: Give specific directions to the driver.  This lets the driver know you can’t be fooled into taking a longer route home.

The driver didn’t ‘zero’ the meter when you jumped into his cab.

  • TIP: Make sure the driver is doing his job, and put him in check to start the meter over before he takes you to your next destination.

The driver doesn’t give you the correct amount of change.

  • TIP:  Pay attention to the amount of money you give him and how much you ask back.  Count your change, as drivers tend to give you less than what you’re supposed to get.

Have you been swindled by a bartender or a cab driver in the past?  Let us know and comment below and submit a complaint.


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