Do you love saving tons of money on Black Friday deals every year when Thanksgiving rolls around? You’re not alone. Much of the country loves to take advantage of the killer deals and crazy savings that often come with the holiday season.

But did you know that you could get even better deals on certain items just by waiting until after Christmas? In fact, there are quite a few types of items on which you can save a ton of money.

Certain products, when purchased after the holiday rush has ended, are cheaper than they are at any other point in the year. Save your shopping until after Christmas to get great bargains on:


#1. CARS

If you’re looking to score the best possible deal on a brand new car, the smartest strategy will see you waiting until the very last week of the year. The week between Christmas Day and the New Year is crunch-time for a lot of car dealership owners. Current models are taking up a lot of space and sellers are often desperate to clear them out so they can get the new year’s stock on display.

This means that you, as a consumer, can save a lot of money if you’re looking to buy one of those not-quite-brand-new cars. Get a 2013 model before the 2014 arrive on the lot.

A color photo of a new car.

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, wait until the end of the year.


As it turns out, perfume after Valentine’s Day is almost exactly like candy after Halloween: the stores all have entirely too much of it. This means that you can enjoy some incredibly deep discounts if you just make sure you wait until mid-February to head out and buy your perfume.



Summer is obviously the time when everybody wants to enjoy themselves outdoors, which is why Autumn is the smartest call when it comes to buying yourself a new bike.

This is the time of year when—just like with cars—sellers are trying to get older models off the floor to make room for newer ones. This typically means that you get to enjoy savings to the tune of about 25%.



Looking to spruce up your living space? Just like with other types of merchandise, furniture sellers want to make sure they’re stocking the newest and best merchandise. In late December and early January, retailers are getting ready to welcome in the stock for the next year.

This means that by making sure your next furniture shopping trip is properly timed, you can potentially save yourself some serious cash. Shop for new furniture around the same time when you’d shop for a new car.



Believe it or not, you can save serious money on luggage by simply making sure to wait until March. In doing so, you’ll hit retailers right in between the two biggest vacationing seasons of the year.

Summer and the winter holidays are when people typically pack up and take off, so you can take advantage of the lull by saving big on luggage in the springtime months.

Share Your Shopping Secrets

Do you have any more tips for saving while shopping after the holiday season? It’s so easy to get caught up in the Black Friday and Christmastime shopping whirlwind, but waiting just a little bit is clearly the smarter way to go.

Do you have any insider info on how to save big after the holiday season? Share your knowledge and let us know in the comments!

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