Approximately 50,000 pounds of ground beef have been recalled due to contamination with E. Coli bacteria. The recalled beef originated from a Kansas manufacturer, but luckily, there have been no reported illnesses connected to this recall so far.

Since this ground beef contamination issue was caught early, it’s likely that consumers will have an easy time avoiding the consumption of any ground beef with E. Coli. Still, it’s important to make sure that you didn’t wind up with any of this bad beef.

Here are details of this latest consumer recall, and how you can get your money back if you’ve got some of the E. Coli contaminated ground beef.


National Beef Voluntary Recall

National Beef, the manufacturer based out of Kansas, has issued this recall voluntarily, according to its website. As far as anyone knows, there haven’t been any reported cases of illness related to the contaminated meat, which concerns about 50,00 pounds of ground beef packaged in cylindrical 10-pound “chubs.”

These chubs were shipped out to wholesalers, retailers, and food service distributors alike, and are said to have shipped out nationwide. The products were produced on July 18th.

Despite the fact that this might seem like a vast quantity of ground meat,, National Beef is saying that the 50,000 pounds of beef is a relatively small portion. This is probably compared to the total amount of beef that they ship out in a given period of time.

Still, it’s important to make sure you know all the details and avoid eating contaminated beef. If you think you might have purchased some of it, there are ways to get reimbursed.


How to Tell If Your Beef Is Bad

The affected ground beef was sold in the form of 10-pound chubs, all of which bear the USDA establishment number “EST. 208A,” which is assigned at the time of inspection. There are a few different types of ground beef to look out for:

  • National Beef Ground Beef, product code 0707
  • NatureSource Ground Beef, product codes 7054, 7344, and 7004
  • NatureWell Ground Chuck, product code 7484
  • NatureWell Ground Beef, product code 7454
  • NatureWell Ground Sirloin, product code 7577
  • NatureWell Ground Beef, product code 7404

What to Do If You’ve Got Contaminated Beef

If you think you might have one of these products, the first thing to do is get in touch with National Beef.

You can give them a call directly at 866-761-9472 and they’ll give you a lot more information about how to get compensated for your recalled beef.

You can also visit their website,, to find more details about the recall and how to make sure you get properly compensated if you’ve picked up contaminated ground beef.

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