Hate spoilers but love social media? For many fans, there’s nothing worse than browsing Facebook or Twitter and accidentally reading about the Game of Thrones season finale before you’ve watched it.

But you don’t have to be a constant victim of plot spoilers! Check out our 6 strategies to block spoilers on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Say goodbye to blacking out your social media use during Breaking Bad or The Voice — use these 6 tricks to stay spoiler-free.

1. Silencer

Silencer is an add-on extension for the Google Chrome browser that basically creates keyword blocks to hide specific content. Adding keywords to Silencer’s dictionary will block any Twitter or Facebook posts with that keyword — for example, add “Star Trek” to block any posts about that movie, or even add a phrase like “my cat” if you’re sick of pet pictures.

Screen capture of Facebook feed

Your Facebook feed can be spoiler-free, thanks to Silencer.

You can also install packs of blocked keywords for shows like Game of Thrones, which will filter out multiple keywords. No more clues about those dragons!

2. Blog Filters

Different blogs have certain HTML and URL tricks that allow you to filter out specific content. For example, if you don’t want to be tempted by the latest iPhone model on Lifehacker, explore the site using this web address: http://www.lifehacker.com/not:iPad. Explore online forums about your favorite sites to discover their filtering URLs.

3. Block Keywords

Besides Silencer, there are a wealth of apps, add-ons and browser settings that allow you to eliminate posts with certain keywords.

TweetDeck has a Global Filter under Settings. The app Proxlet can block keywords on your browser and your phone. FB Purity is an extension just for Facebook.

Screen capture of Tweetdeck screen

Tweetdeck users: explore your settings to block certain keywords.

When you’re researching the best extra add-on for your needs, make sure to download carefully! Read reviews and never download suspicious files. Make sure you’ve got anti-virus software up and running, too.

4. Hide Comments

Everyone hates those snitches who comment on trailers just to give away the ending of a movie. If you’re paranoid about discovering The Avengers ending before you’re ready, try a comment blocker for your browser.

There are several apps just for YouTube or try CommentBlocker for your browser to hide comments across most popular blogs.

5. Filter RSS Feeds

If you’re a fan of RSS feeds to get your political and pop culture news fix, several scripts work well to block specific content. The Google Reader Filter GreaseMonkey script allows you to enter any keywords you wish, which will then be eliminated from your Google Reader.

For a simple solution, explore FeedRinse — it’s user-friendly and makes the process of cleaning out your RSS feed easy.

6. Censor Spoilers Completely

Graphic of a stick figure kicking a computer

Sometimes a spoiler is so unspeakable that it’s exactly like profanity or adult content. If you’re so dead-set against any mention of plot points that you need a foolproof solution, censor that content with a parental filter like ProCon or Profanity Filter.

Instead of swear words, enter the verboten keywords (i.e. iPad, Breaking Bad, etc.) and you’ll be completely blocked from visiting any sites that pose a risk. This option is for the most die-hard of fans!

Find A Risk-Free Method and Escape Spoilers Forever!

In this day and age, it’s pretty much impossible to stay offline. But with any of these strategies, you can take comfort in the fact that spoilers will have a hard time making it into your social media stream.

Just remember that many software imposters exist out there, so always validate any plugins or extensions before you install. Inspect their terms of use and call the company if needed. Erasing spoilers isn’t worth a virus!

What are your favorite ways to block spoilers online? Let us know in the comments! Happy watching!


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