Photo of Hero H2000 aka the Fake iPhone 5


Fake iPhone 5 Exclusive Review of the hero H2000+


Kase, Scambook’s Director of Marketing takes over for Kevan in this exclusive video that compares the Apple iPhone 5 with the Hero H2000+, which looks and feels very similar to the iPhone.  Kase unboxes both phones side by side and begins comparing the specs.  He also gives notice that a 1-week long testing trial that compares the overall quality and functionality of both phones will soon take place with a video to follow.  Although the initial build quality of the H2000+ was obviously below the iPhone 5, Kase still felt confident, based on previous fake versions of the iPhone, that the H2000+ could still be considered a reasonable alternative. Here’s what Kase covers after unboxing both phones:


iPhone 5:
4-inch screen
1136 x 640 pixel resolution display
3.95 ounces in weight
Body made of anodized aluminum and Gorilla Glass
Earphone jack on bottom of phone
Lightning port on bottom of phone

Hero H2000:
4-inch screen
800 x 480 pixel resolution display
3.6 ounces in weight
Body made of plastic
Earphone jack on top of phone
Micro USB port on bottom of phone


iPhone 5:
8.0 mega pixel camera
1080p video recording capability
Panorama photo function
FaceTime video function

Hero H2000:
8.0 mega pixel camera
720p video recording capability
Other functions to be determined

Tech Specs

iPhone 5:
iOS6 operating system
A6 Dual Core processor
Apple Maps
iPod music player
WiFi capability

Hero H2000:
Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
1.5GHz Dual Core MTK6577 processor
Google Maps
Music player
WiFi capability
FM Radio Receiver

Accessories Included

iPhone 5:
Ear Buds
USB Cable
Charger Plug

Hero H2000:
Ear Buds
USB Cable
Charger Plug
2 Batteries!!!
Screen Protector
Micro Fiber Chamois


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  1. sandy roseberry

    i am from Louisiana Lafayette to be exact my husband recieved a text on his cell phone at 230 pm saying i won the target contest go to target and put my code in 38493 within 24 hours i won a 1000 gift card that i had replied last month. so i went to website and all i see is scam and alot of people saying things about this scam i was excited because i never win anything until what i had read just thought i would let you people know whats going on. so i guess i was scam also i hope you can fix this problem and catch the people who is doing this to your company. because i am a target shopper and love your store people are very helpful there and nice. thank you sandy

    1. Miranda

      Hi Ryan, our follow up video will be posted on Monday, December 3. We’ll be updating this post with a link to the new review as soon as it’s available.

  2. Alex

    OK, it’s January now… Where’s that follow-up review that was supposed to be posted on December 3 and the corresponding link?

  3. Emra

    Hi 🙂 can you tell me please something more about fake iphone 5.I have it and I do not know can I instal something for camera or other aplication if yes,where? Please help me.thank you 🙂

  4. filipe vieira

    Hi man, you have to make a review with a real knock-off because hero is the worst…
    You have many options like:
    zophone i5 (this phone for me is the real deal, it has everything that the iphone 5 has just the operating system its an android 4.0.4)
    Goophone i5s( a nice one too)
    or just the ki5(not so good but its like the hero man…
    Leave comments about my post please!!!!!


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