1. leaving the good ole' USA

    after hearing that i won a one thousand dollar gift card i was asked to answer a buch of questions they took meto a page where i had to buy a couple low cost products. one that i chose was “BELLA BRITE’ and some kind of magazine subcription. i call to check my debit card debits once in awhile. the magazine place had but a 68 and change charge on my account. i got their phone number and they agreed to credit back my account, i got the number of the bella brite place. at first they hung up on me they i went on line and found a different number. the people at that number just read off what they they were programmed to say and had no mercy when i told them the 78 dollar charge was more than 10% of what i received from my social security and that i had all my teeth pulled about ten years ago and have had dentures ever since then AND I HAD NO USE FOR A TEETH WHITENING PRODUCT111111 then i checked the activity on my card again and there was four or five charges for aroud 1.95 to thes companies i got there numbers and cancelled all of them these slammed on my card by their computers when i had approved to pay 3.95 for some coupon company offer. these things like what has happened in your reviews by others that have been scammed plus ‘DICATOR OR KING OBAMA’s DIRECTIVES ON IMMIGARATION AND OTHERS DIRECTIVES OVER THE PAST YEARS HAVE LED ME TO DECIDE TO GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY OF HONDURAS IN CENTRAL AMERICA AND LIVE DOWN THERE. i love this country but it is not the same country that i grew up in. i would rather go to a third-world country and eat(rice and beans) one day and the next day they change the menu to( beans and rice0. HA. HA.


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